4 Reasons Your Makeup Choices Matter

Due to climate change, unsustainable creation, and poor working conditions, a lot has been heard by us about global food, clothing, and energy industries and why their methods may need reform – but think about your makeup? Is the selection of foundation or eye-liner important when it comes to these big global issues?

Can you make a difference? Flower substances in aesthetic products someplace have to come from, yet the way they are farmed and produced can seriously have an effect on the neighborhood community and environment. The concern over palm oil, the associated destruction of the rainforest, and its own influence on the carbon in the atmosphere is not a new phenomenon. Vast swathes of rainforest across the globe are being lower to make way for new palm essential oil plantations down, with devastating implications for orangutans and other animals.

The other concern when it comes to the environment and sustainability is waste. Some estimates claim that 70% of the waste materials that the aesthetic industry produces, comes from packaging alone. Consider about any of it – how much white cardboard and plastic do you have to throw away after purchasing just one single item of makeup?

Much of the waste results in the ocean where it is leading to significant problems to seed and animal life – it is thought that over 12 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. Combined with the use of clean drinking water in the creation of certain makeup products, the carbon footprint and environmental impact of your most liked moisturizer or lipstick could be much higher than you previously thought!

One of the other reasons why you might like to think about your next makeup purchase is one you might not have considered – slavery. It sounds dramatic, but your choice of makeup could very well be adding to modern slavery through the substances it uses. Some research suggests there remain 25 million slaves worldwide employed in the removal and production of several chemicals, foodstuffs, and plants. One of these is mica, a silicate material often misleadingly marketed as an ‘organic’ substance.

Jharkhand in India gets the largest debris of mica in the world, and the large quantity of poverty in your community has led to a popular child labor in its mining. Some companies are trying to stamp out the unethical conditions that contribute to modern slavery – ASOS, for example, has developed an internet-digital training curriculum on modern slavery for many of its employees. Much like animal testing about ten years ago, sustainable creation, and ethical choices as it pertains to the creation of makeup is gradually becoming typical, but we’re not there yet. Don’t forget: your decisions as a consumer can have a massive impact!

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