IT ISN’T Business Intelligence Analyst, Just Business Analyst

IT ISN'T Business Intelligence Analyst, Just Business Analyst 1

I’m questioning if a Business Analyst position could have any positive influence on my resume. I’m a math major working towards my BS and requested a Business Analyst position at my current company. It is not Business Intelligence Analyst, just Business Analyst. Will this help in the future or make no difference? I had been a Business Analyst before getting my current job as an actuarial analyst.

Is it when Warren Buffet makes billions stock trading? That’s trade, not greed. Does Warren need a billion extra dollars? That’s none of our business. Trading stocks and buying companies is not (usually) robbery, exactly like trading marbles is not stealing. Are only so many marbles there? Maybe. Does that reality give anyone the to a ‘fair share’? Nope. You need to trade for your marbles. Even in the playground, you can approach the kid, the best marble player and demand a few marbles – you would be smacked.

You’d better polish up on your marble skills or go home and pout. Perhaps your parents will take you to Walmart and purchase you a few marbles. Greed is one of those vague words. It could mean so much and so very little. Avarice, power, an unquenchable desire for marbles etc. It really is an easy stoke paint brush, charged with feelings that has little use in argument – for that very reason. One must be more specific. Again, if one just is applicable this is in greed to imply the ‘very need to be rich’ – so long as you voluntarily ‘operate’ for you wealth – you have never harmed anyone.

If you used the government to get rid of all competition and make a monopoly for yourself – well you did wrong. So there is good and bad greed – it is a practically useless word hence, but fun to debate. To say that the federal government must control things is another very vague idea.

  • Media Planning
  • Cell phone charges
  • Forward contracts benefit only the client due to a reduction in uncertainty
  • “The safest risk is the one you didn’t take.”

Must the government tell the Bill Gates’s of the world to avoid programming or even to do it free of charge? Expenses is wealthy right too? He has too many marbles. He must be arrested? No – we simply need to enter his ‘marble bags’ and redistribute. It’s only reasonable. Fair to who or whom?

Not to Bill – since you just made him a slave, so you could confiscate a new bag of marbles. Sounds immoral to me quite. Bill could take most of his marbles and leave the playground then. The NRA ruling if the government didn’t control ‘things’? How would that ever happen?