‘Jersey Shore’s’ Angelina Shows Off Her Dramatic Weight Loss

Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick recently exposed to E! 20 pounds which she has her co-star, Vinny Guadagnino, to thank for the weight loss. It was Vinny who persuaded her to get one of these keto diet, which is high in low and fats in carb. She heeded his advice but Angelina explained that what she does is more like a “half keto,” saying she follows the diet the majority of the time but she uses Sundays as cheat days. This past Sunday was more than just a cheat day for Angelina – she made her first public appearance since announcing her weight loss.

The Staten Island indigenous strolled the red carpet at the MTV TV & Movie Awards wearing a long white dress with two thigh-high splits. The 32-year-old said, “Never in a million years could you think that I’d be listening to Vinny.” However, Vinny is a testament to the dietary plan actually, having lost over 50 pounds onto it. While Angelina was big never, as you can see in this picture of her from 2012, she seems more happy with her new look.

  • 1 tin of mushy peas
  • 75 grams of excess fat
  • 2 minutes of L-sit keep in as few sets as you possibly can (AFSAP)
  • Microphone: No
  • 180 grams protein
  • Follows your progress 24/7, even monitoring sleep quality

She’s been doing a lot of cardio and revealing her new body on Instagram, including in a post from last week which includes a video of herself in a dark bra and underwear. Very happy with my current weight loss. Angelina gets ready for her wedding to EMT Chris Larangeira, who proposed to her in January of 2018. They are considering a fall wedding and Angelina says her husband-to-be is pretty pleased with how she now looks.

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