That’s ALL OF THE Piccies For Today!

That's ALL OF THE Piccies For Today! 1

Finally completed and delivered off my IMATS admittance! Phew, that’s over until I listen to I am in now.I did another picture shoot with Courtney that made in into the entry and these are the results. I also did a photo shoot for House of Burlesque and did both makeup and photography. The pictures are head shots of the dancers, which will be used for promotional work. That’s all the pieces for today! I might have another two picture shoots over the weekend perhaps and we’ll see where we go following that!

The lower lid curves more lightly from the inner part until turning more sharply up-wards towards the external corner. In side view, the opening resembles a triangle between the lids, and the rip duct is concealed behind the eyeball. Another complication is that, because of the convex form of the cornea, the eyeball is not a sphere literally. Which means that as the optical eyes move, they bulge the eyelids out into different forms slightly, as illustrated below. Both upper and lower eyelids are protected by a fringe of lashes, sensitive to touch.

They grow from the eyelids, not from the eyeball! The eyelashes are unequal in length, direction, and spacing, which make them tricky. These are thicker at the base and become thinner and lighter on the tips, with a noticeable curl upward (top eyelid) or downward (lower eyelid). The ones on the bottom eyelid are quite a great deal shorter, and there are fewer of them. Lashes closer to the nose tend to be much longer, lashes nearer to the ears tend to be shorter.

They sweep forwards, not sideways. Women’s lashes tend to be more long and elegant than men’s. If you don’t are keen to draw every individual lash, the most practical approach is to simplify them. The lashes tend to merge with the shadow under the top of the eyelid to form a dark series.

Then, rather than plenty of specific hairs, do them as blurry, simple styles, a bit heavier at the bottom. Don’t pull them with similar length, path, and spacing, as this appears fake. The brow ridge is a bony prominence that help protect the attention, and the eyebrows develop on this ridge. They are heavier on the inside and get lighter and thinner towards the hearing. Men’s eyebrows tend to be thicker, lower, and straighter; women tend to be slimmer and more arched. Note the path of the hairs.

They sweep back again and outwards. Some hairs begin from below and sweep up, others begin from above and sweep down. It is common for women to create their eyebrows somewhat by plucking and applying makeup – men’s eyebrows are usually much more natural. Some women remove their natural hairs and pull on entirely new eyebrows using makeup. When done for an extreme this may look unashamedly artificial.

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To round off this post, this is a step-by-step tutorial about how to paint a realistic eye. It really is written from the perspective of an electronic artist painting in Photoshop, however the process should be useful to artists working in other media. It is a realist treatment however, not a hyper-realist one.

There are plenty of similar lessons out there, so if you find a different process that works for you, that’s fine too. Focus on a fresh canvas and pick a background color that resembles the flesh color of your subject. This will become basics for everything you paint on top.

On a new layer, sketch the optical vision and eyebrow. You are able to draw from imagination, or you may be utilizing a reference – either a picture or a live sitter. On a new layer below the sketch, block in the main regions with basic colors. My subject is dark-skinned, and my eye is dark brown.