About Us

Sonya Annabelle Donaldson is a 35-year-old middle manager who delights in working with cars, severe ironing and also vandalising bus stops. She is clever as well as energized, yet can also be extremely money grubbing as well as a bit thrifty.

She is Egyptian that specifies herself as right. She began examining organisation researches at college but never ended up the course. She dislikes Brazil nuts.

Physically, Sonya is slightly obese yet otherwise healthy. She is average-height with dark, delicious chocolate skin, brownish hair as well as eco-friendly eyes.

She grew up in a middle course area. She was elevated by her father, her mother having actually left when she was young.

She is presently solitary. Her newest love was with a receptionist called Gene Keiran Harris, that was the same age as her. Genetics died in 2012. The papers reported the reason of fatality: ‘pneumonia’.

Sonya has one child with ex-boyfriend Joey: Norman aged 13.

Sonya’s friend is a center manager called Eli Rivera. They get on well most of the time. She likewise accompanies Stella Ward as well as Shaquille Taylor. They appreciate adult coloring books with each other.