Illinois Concealed Carry

We’ve previously protected a lot of road rage incidences – some ending in favor of the hidden carrier among others not so much. In this specific article, we’re going to address some of the normal factors observed across the board and talk about ways to de-escalate a recognized threat while generating.

Even more absurd than that dude certainly changing lanes and checking out his Facebook accounts is the idea you will lose control of your situational awareness. It’s not always possible to do both at the same time. For example, to be able to take a dynamic mental inventory of how you’re feeling, some attention may stray from things taking place around you. Conversely, if you’re watching the global world around you, your own internal thoughts may have faded into the history.

This is the reason why observing stress factors is important, though. In the same way as important as understanding that some fool in a mechanized vehicle cut you off at 80 mph and then strike the brakes is knowing that action has affected how you manage the situation emotionally. If you’re human, you’re going to fear loss.

This fear, once realized, can sometimes transform into anger. This anger will cloud your judgment. The normal consolation it “is” overcome. But imagine if you can’t? What if this guy’s activities are the tipping point? Here’s an agreeable reminder: you are always in charge of your own activities. You’re allowed to feel any feelings you want. Your activities are what you will be judged by. Consider and recognize this as a stress point wisely.

That’s right. Another driver can veer right in front of you, jam on the brakes, drive just like a jackass and you have to keep your cool. What sort of monkey business is this? It’s fact. You’re an armed member of culture. Which culture works by rules and laws? Here’s a couple guidelines to maintaining your encounters with the other driver above board.

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Just because the other driver did something callous or ridiculous doesn’t give you permission to do the same. Consider everything you’ve worked to achieve in this life and everything you have. When you idly create issue, you jeopardize everything. Plenty of people have tried and plenty have lost near everything in the fallout. You understand there’s at least one bonafide idiot on the road. What are the probabilities that there’s another right behind him? Especially around peak traffic times, drivers all have a tendency to get a little crazy. Within your haste to stay “together with” that first drivers, you may be traveling into another, third, or fourth one even.

What’s among this? Ever lower a congested highway and notice one lane have screeched to a halt while the other you are moving sluggishly? Drivers undoubtedly make an effort to switch sides which leads to a lot of potential “stress factors”. Now we’ve discovered one lane is – behold and lo – closed down by some traffic incident or accident.