15 thoughts on “Adobe Edge Reflow Preview Tutorials Build Responsive Web Design Media Queries…

  1. Is there away to change the div id without going into the code itself? Like changing primaryContainer to wrapper. Also, can you turn text into hyperlinks, menus etc…?

  2. very helpfull tutorial, i stumbled across reflow. this bought most of its mechanics to light.
    Made it alot easier to understand.

    Thank you Robert

  3. Robert – Glad to see you are still offering some of your incredible tutorials on YouTube!
    For those of you who are browsing these videos, I started with Robert's free tutorials on YouTube and before I knew it, I had signed up for his A-Z tutorials package (so be careful – It doesn't take long to realize that Robert's style of teaching is different from others, in a VERY good way)!

    He adds new videos ALL the time, so I am always coming back to learn something new (for FREE)!

    Keep it up Robert!

  4. Hi Robert, I have been teaching my self Jquery mobile and would like to create responsive websites to add products to them. I still really consider my self new to all this but it's pretty exciting and cool to learn something new especially if you're learning it the smart thinking way that you teach. Which course would be the best to start with? Seize the day!

  5. I haven't even finished the video, but this is brilliant. Your tutorials are always amazing. Short on cash now but when I make some money I'm definitely subscribing to your courses.

  6. Thanks for the kind words Ahmed Glad to hear from you… with all due respect and based on 26 years of teaching adobe software – you will 100% learn more REAL WORLD from my videos then ANY design school – most schools like SVA, Parsons, Pratt RISD Cal Tech etc are top notched for design – they are very very sub-par for software training – and software is how we make money – Not our design skills – Carpe Diem – Robert

  7. I love watching tutorials on my free time just to get the little details that I might have missed. I don't need access to this because I'm almost finished with my graphic design degree. the reason why I watch(ed) many of your videos is because the you teach, very human and easy to understand the complex stuff. I can only imagine what goodies your course provides, so for who is interested, highly recommended! thanks for the free vids, Robert!

  8. If anyone is thinking of buying courses, particularly the All access courses from Robert, I highly recommend you do. He is the absolute best in my opinion for teaching adobe and the way he explains is always the best way to do it. He also gives so many useful tips along the way. Thanks Robert for your videos. ps keep them coming I'm addicted. !

  9. Dear Robert, I'm so thrilled to dive into this course. I'm very fortunate to be in your all access pass student list. You are an amazing teacher.

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