38 thoughts on “Big Deer – Surreal Photoshop manipulation Tutorial

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  2. Watching your videos. So amazing and creative. I try to write down what you are doing and end up rewinding over certain spots many times to understand. Would be exceptional if you could add written tutorial instructions as well. Not for all, just a few. By the way, how you did that sunset was genius. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for the great tutorial, but I just wondered, can I use a different model and animal but follow the same step like you did? Will the result turned out quite well too?

  4. Good job bro u the best I've watched couple videos about ps and they do it real fast just like they don't want anybody to learn so they got fast dislike from me but you teach I like that. What version is this ps bro ?

  5. hi sir you manipulation is awesome. but as for beginners we don't understand much so can you put your voice in it . it will be more helpful and there are lots of people who don't write about it . if you provide sound (your instruction about every step) , lots of people like me will thankful to you. it is obviously increase your tutorial reach .

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