48 thoughts on “Cities Skylines Tutorial #1 – Getting Started – Cities Skylines Beginners Gui…

  1. Are people really bitching about the word shitty? Fucking political correctness. Good tutorial man. I'm just getting into games like this and sims. Super addicting.

  2. "You can zone areas inna three different ways, by feeling, marqueeing and brushing. I personally love brushing. It satisfies me beyond reason."

  3. tmw you just got cities skylines and it's taking a long ass time to load so u watch a tutorial on it even though you already know how to play

  4. Why in the world does a $30 game not contain even one beginner tutorial scenario? There's no reason you should have to look toward outside sources to figure out how to even play a game.. For someone new to PC gaming, figuring this shit out would be as difficult as Dark Souls..

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