11 thoughts on “Getting Started with Pacemaker – Linux High Availability & Clustering

  1. I just start pacemaker and corosync, In this tutorial is started from already configure, could you please show me step by step how to install and configure pacemaker and corosync?  because i cannot see other node when i type the command "crm status"

  2. Hey, You would need a modified ocf resource script to be able to cluster pacemaker, there's one available on the web but needs some work. As soon I can find some time I'll try to post one demostrating opensips.

  3. Excellent introduction! With all the documentation out there, I was getting lost as to what exactly Pacemaker did! Now it's much clearer. Thank you Robert. Will you do a follow up? I would like to see how you actually configure the Virtual IP and setting up Quorums too. Thanks again. Carlos

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