36 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Indian Dishes

  1. The guy really needs to wipe the sweat away that's a big turn off but then again I've seen it here in English restaurants too. ☝️

  2. I am happy that at least he did not insult the food in my country houses and girlssss but I live in America now isn't that nice. I also play minecraft and roblox so I suck

  3. working with indians is the worst. and i mean people from india specifically. they are such rude people and have no manners at all. most are assholes and think they are god. just like italians and greeks and others. like jesus christ we go to work to make money not to be bitched and treated like a fucking slave.

  4. As a food enthusiast i have always been very keen with Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef & Michelin Star holder, and seeing him cooking the Indian kitchen is simply amazing. Watching him cook authentic Indian dishes is a visual treat. He has totally immersed himself into the process and culture which is pretty amazing. I would definitely try out The Indian Potato Pancake. Fantastic video.

  5. Video 2 – Gordon – how far is it? (to the spicy plant) Indian bloke – I don't know – sometimes it's 2km sometimes 1/2 a kilometre………………..LOL

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