40 thoughts on “Guitar Scales for Beginners Lesson

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  3. Just got my guitar put back together after I rescued it from the trash as a discarded broken and scarred college student guitar. I repaired the damage and painted it. The guitar has a chance at a new life but does a guy with large finger tips have a chance at learning to play. I noticed your fingers are slender. Maybe I need a guitar with a wider neck.

  4. Just a quick tip…to everyone who thinks he's going too fast, it's easy to stop the video and practice after each scale and back up as necessary. The beauty of YouTube and virtual learning…

  5. He says "print out the notation ahead of time," but doesn't say where to find the notation. I looked on their web site and couldn't find it. Anyone know where it can be found?

  6. sorry didn't realise there was more than one scale in the vid. i only know the Em one and also the one that's like that but without the B flat note (blues pentatonic?)

  7. what would you recommend learning after this? I already know this scale but have looked at websites that list scales in general and there are hundreds to choose from. I will be playing blues, folk and rock and roll music and want to be able to improvise over chord progressions in different keys etc.

  8. because you can't keep up with down picking, when you play faster.
    think about it. when you play fast, your right hand will be 'vibrating'.
    and if you don't do alternative picking, the 'up' motion will be wasted
    (and also, you have to be careful to 'not make a sound' when you do
    so… anyway. think about it.

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