19 thoughts on “How to Clean an Oven — by Home Repair Tutor

  1. A fish stick has fell through the oven, those four little oval? type slots at the bottom of my oven how can I reach it ? It's burning and smelling up the house please help.

  2. Does anyone know how to clean the INSIDES OF THE OVEN?? I recently had some glass break while in the oven and pieces of it and the food I was cooking got in the SIDE HOLES of the oven. Now the oven smokes when I try to cook something because there is still food and glass still in the holes. Does Any know how to clean those holes ??? Please help

  3. I used a product from Dollar Tree called Totally Awesome Cleaner ($1) & it worked great. I don't have a self-cleaner oven & the same product worked on it as well. The only other things needed were sponge & elbow grease. Worked GREAT.

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