27 thoughts on “How To Fix Car Headliner On Any Car (Very Easy)

  1. Excellent video! It's just what I wanted see. Now I'm gonna go fix my headliner too!! Thank You for taking the time to make this video! You really helped me out!

  2. This is the absolute wrong way to glue your headliner cloth back in place because what happens is since you didn't scrape the old adhesive off your headliner it will sag again in about 2 days the right way to do it is to take the headliner out of the car and remove the old headliner cloth then scrape off all the adhesive then you could spray glue everything and apply the new cloth back on then it will stick without falling off a day later

  3. So does the glue show through on the other side? I tried this with the all purpose spray adhesive and stopped because the glue was printing through and then the foam under the headliner was getting all over my hand when trying to get far back. Is there any way to replace that thin foam backing? I think my headliner needs to be stretched while sticking it back so it makes it more difficult 😕

  4. good video bro… just what I needed. hey the amzn link is sold out maybe just update it. if not, oh well, people know how to find it thanks to you putting the name.

  5. Tried that 2 or 3 times falls back down the next day, didnt work for me Also the glue came through the headlining in a lot of places and looks bad. im going to try double sided tape next

  6. Thanks dude- good video. I have a paint roller with a couple of unused rollers in the garage- think I'll use those to press the liner back into the roof after I spray on the adhesive. Thanks again!

  7. I was just wondering, why do we as motorist put up with this from motor car manufacturers? All brands in all countries does this and it does not bother the manufacturers at all,

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