48 thoughts on “How to get Ahead in Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer

  1. The absolute best way to efficiently use credits.. max all charcters to XX, ALL WEAPONS TO X.. all mods to X on BRONZE packs …
    (usually mods are last to unlock to X – level 10- by the way in my experience)

    Then buy silver packs til all those are XX AND X LEVEL.

    . Otherwise if buy GOLD, you may still get silver weapons you never maxed at a higher cost.

    Plus, I have unlocked many gold characters and weapons without paying for 50k packs.

    I am in no rush for those higher items and characters as I like to get the challenge points for every weapon and character and have more than enough to keep me busy.

    By the time I am ready for the gold ones, I will have aquired higher levels of the ones I already earned as well as more new ones.

    Once I do move on to gold packs I will get bonus N7 rares more occasionally and without using 100k credits .. in same manner I unlocked gold weapons for 20k credits…

    I hope this was helpful.

    Add me @NostraDaley on x box one and let's get that money!!

  2. bronze and silver is easy but you need big single target damage for gold with the hydras etc otherwise just aoe wont do much dmg to them

  3. As someone who barely dabbled in ME3 Multiplayer and have been trying to play multiplayer in Andromeda like its single player THANK YOU for making this video. All my random teammates thank you as well, as I will be dying less and contributing more.

  4. Vary cool man! I've been playing for a little over a week and I haven't even started in PvP. This game is exactly what I was looking for. I got mine for XBOX1 Hope to see more live play.

  5. what about the equipment slot? can u equipt different armor in multiplayer? fo example is there N7 armor or Ramnent armor in multiplayer?

  6. Looking for a squad new to this game on soecific, played ME3 multiplayer just been too busy with andromedas campaign to dive into this yet. Anyone willing add me on Xbox, GT is The Fatal Stare.

  7. If anybody has played mass effect 3 my advice is this, Make sure you buy a ton of basic packs to start off with. Unlike ME3, When you get levels II, IV, VI, VIII & X on characters you will be rewarded with bonus skill points which are extremely helpful in the early game, as you are extremely weak when you start out. Its also a great way to not only get some better gear and mods, but also a brilliant way to get extra supplies like revive packs and even UPGRADE the AMOUNT of them you can carry. As some of these guys have said don't waste too much money on higher packs, some is ok but don't go blowing millions til you have a solid foundation first. I've got a few gold weapons even from advanced packs and I mainly got them for the uncommons and better boosters. I'm happy with the Vanquisher and Isharay that I have and even the equalizer, so I have no reason to buy expert packs for now (those 3 weapons I do highly recommend because 2 of them are great semi auto and single shot snipers, and the latter is a great backup that'll never run out of ammo, though its RoF is a bit weak).

  8. The reason Gold feels like Platinum in Andromeda is because your characters and their gear's all new, the characters also have shit abilities compared to the ones in ME3. If you go play a Human Sentinel in ME3 and only use shitty weapons, no equipment and crap like in Andromeda, you'd find Gold pretty hard on ME3 too. You also mixed Credits and Mission funds, nor did you go over Prestige, so I get the feeling you're talking out of your ass in this video based on what you know from ME3 after playing a few MEA matches.

  9. Yeah…. I see now. I got the deluxe version and didn't even realize the things I have, have to do with multiplayer. I'm only playing the one player mode right now. Multi player seems cool it's just so different. This video does help out. I really appreciate it man… AOE people! Lol!

  10. Gold isn't near as bad as plat was in ME 3. Just beat it with a group of around 14's. I'm not a great player but kept up with everyone. They'll release a plat difficulty. This isn't it.

  11. I do support you in bringing us another game but have never played this before and felt like you started me off in grad school before I was in kindergarten.

  12. Someone may have said this, and it should be along the sames lines as ME3, but focus on upgrading your commons/uncommon weapons and items first. The same is true with your consumables (medigel, ammo pack, rockets, stim pack or whatever they're called). In ME3, those maxed at 255. If you had all the common/uncommons unlocked, and 255 consumables, then opening a premium pack will yield level 3 ammo, and only rare or ultra rare items.

    This process does take some time, and can be painful since it feels like you're missing out, but once its done you will start unlocking things at a much faster rate than if you just shoot for rares/ultra rares right off the bat.

  13. its the smae as me3 so shut up haters… its coop as well so whats the point of arguing if it is p2w or not?

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