13 thoughts on “How to install Language Packs in Windows 8.1

  1. After restarting your computer, if nothing changes, you could follow this intruction to make full system's language change: CONTROL PANEL -> LANGUAGE -> OPTION (next to the line of your language) -> SET AS PRIMARY LANGUAGE -> RESTART.

  2. OK grate video man ! but right about now i have a small problem with it , and its how do i go about doing a " FULL SYSTEM LANGUAGE CHANGE " . meaning , i saw after u rebooted your system the welcome screen was still in English . 

  3. Thank you many thimes! I'm from Holland and buyed the windows 8 but it was English. And now dutch. THANK YOU

  4. I tried how u say in the video, but it doesnt change the language even after i restarted many times.could u help me plz how to find a solution?

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