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  1. As indi I can say only one thing. To learn Unity is great, but we need to know how to promote the game without budget. You know, what I am speaking about. May be you can download my free game, just to make small change and huge favor. Please check "Ouchy Bird" (you can download from APP Store and Google Play for free)

  2. Thanks bro! I had SEVERE gamers block and couldn't find a single game I liked for like 3 years. I was bored out of my mind until I took the initiative to make my own game. I started SUPER small with Netbeans IDE making small board games but noe I'm moving on to unity. this really helped give me ideas on what to design!

  3. hi matthew can u tell me how did u make that spinning disk hazard.The one that rotating and moving .Am trying to use it in my game but its not working well

  4. The best video now i know how to learn unity and thanks for the tips now i dont need to look in the ineternet for horrible coding tutorials and dont have stress with art!! 😀

  5. i'm only learning unity to make a giant meme game that everybody is killing me to make. So is there any place where you can make a one time type of thing?

  6. My advice: have patience and learn to code in Unity, it is not hard but it is not going to happen in an afternoon. After making a few simple tutorials, study code from games or game examples that you can gets your hands on. You can start learning 3d modeling on the side, but believe me, the code is where the magic happens, the code is what makes things alive. So if you want to make games, know that you will have to love to code and learn the most you can of it. To know "a little bit" of code is not enough, even simple "decent" games require a reasonable familiarity with code to be made. Start with very simple projects, start just making things that you think are interesting. When you have any question (about scripting in Unity), you can just google it and you probably will find the answer.

  7. Take a game. Colorful but not too bright like Psychonauts and rayman 3, take the game to a real larger scale of old games, focus on lighting form the environment like her and Rayman 3, make the gameplay simple but vast and be creative, i'm talking go to Deviant Art and browse premium artists original images and go wild with ideas. Like instead of stunning an enemy blow bubbles like fire but enemies hit gets caught in a floating bubble in the air that is affected by forces to float around. Then I would be interested to a high level. I'm terrible at coding and I learn very slowly. But I have accomplished much in 2 years and it's so stupid so many people are better than me and learn twice as fast but doesn't do anything or do such small projects with no graphics at all or focus entirely on super realistic trash with no originality or unique twist on anything

  8. yep..things I've never thought of..reaching out on Twitter etc..I'll be sticking around Matt xd. I go to martial arts including jujitsu (easy to jump into slow to master)5 days a week actually so this kind of saddens me as I want nothing better than to jump headfirst into an (j)RPG. I know you are right though. I've read elsewhere anyways to remake like Tetris and then Pac-Man and keep moving up complexity. did you make most or all of these assets? if i could make a game that looks like that first one I would be satisfied lol.

  9. Hey there, pal. Really grateful for your video.
    I've been trying to get into Unity these days (Have been doing some Web dev, so I have some programming knowledge), but I was pretty much overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there is to learn.
    Fortunately, I stumbled across your video and my motivation was simply rekindled by your wise words.

    Thanks for the hard work, and I hope you'll keep on publishing some fine content.

  10. Love your channel Matthew! Was wondering how you learned all these skills. did you go to school or are you self taught? Just curious. Looking forward to future videos! Thanks for all the great info!

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