20 thoughts on “Installing #Windows IOT core on #Raspberry Pi 3

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  2. everytime i try to install the win 10 iot through the iot dashboard my PC crashes and if i do it through NOOBS once its complete and reboots my samsung tv says not supported mode and the raspberry pi 3 B resets

  3. Hey there I downloaded the windows 10 IoT dashboard and when its about to sd format it giving me error saying that the failed to unpack the IoT files onto the sd card how can I get it to fix so I can use windows 10 IoT on raspberry pi 3

  4. Two Questions:

    1. If you want to use your raspberry pi(3) to run specific programs/apps that you've built for specific purposes(s), can you still do so with Windows IOT? Is this what was demonstrated with your 'Blinky' app?

    2. Can you install Windows IOT to your Raspberry pi(3) if you are using a Mac OS on your laptop to initialize your raspberry pi?

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