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  1. i hated how sometimes you couldnt choose the dialogue option I wanted because I wasnt full paragon or renegade like in Mass effect 2 to get back Miranda's loyalty.

  2. The only reason the paragon/renegade fell short is because in me2 if you didn't max 1 side someone would die. No one would know that their first time through. That was a mistake but besides that you're free to react however you want in the other 2 games.

  3. One thing: You do great research and even-handed understanding when you do these video articles. Bravo! This is me speaking as a prior blogger for the site, Nerd Reactor.

  4. While I didn't mind the Paragon/Renegade, I pretty much felt locked into one or the other. I prefer to switch between options like that, but you pretty much needed to choose one to unlock certain dialogue options which I did not like. So far I like the change with the dialogue and I feel like I would have a much better time with choosing the path I want my character to take. I would be interested to see what kind of effects the type of dialogue I choose might have on the story, if any.

  5. I'm open to the change, so far I've seen nothing that's wrong with the new dialogue system. If anything I'd say its a slightly updated version of the Inquisition dialogue wheel. I'll see how its actually implemented before I make any hard judgement.

  6. the punishment of the system was what made it feel like it mattered though… the whole idea of "your choices make a difference". now I'm afraid that's gonna be washed down a lot more and not nearly as impactful with the removal of it… no consequences means no reason to think about what you're saying because it's all gonna lead to the same thing

  7. sounds like they have taken the trap method for the conversational dialogs as to how each NPC will react to the player based on how you interacted with them and what actions they have seen you do. same way they did it for Star Wars: the old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire/Eternal Throne

  8. Annoyingly enough in ME2 the paragon/renegade system essentially worked in a way that forced you to mostly make choices in favor of one option, since it worked on the basis of percentage of choices in favor of one option, which meant you had to keep choosing paragon options to be able to make some of the more difficult paragon options (Morinth, Jack vs. Miranda, for example).

  9. JUST CONFIRMED BY BIOWARE. The dialogue options: Progressive moron, full blown SJW retard, alt-right, and LITERALLY HITLEEEEER. God damn the women in this game are ugly, my Sheppard(or who ever the fuck it is this time) is going MGTOW.

  10. I remember playing two the way I wanted too and everyone would've frickin' died if I kept that up. I had to paragon everything to keep my crew alive. I didn't like that I wasn't allowed to get mad when I as the player was extremely pissed about a situation. I hope this does well.

  11. I actually Like the Morality system as he calls it BETTER – it's the same in DA:I – because the 1st time I play ANY game with decisions like this I always play based off What I would do in the situation. Those are never clear-cut and as a result, in Mass Effect, I ended up with a fairly Even Para/Renegade score

  12. Spot on about the pigeon-holing. Sometimes I really wanted to pick a renegade option but didn't risk it because I didn't want to mess up my paragon points. Also a DAi style wheel wouldn't be a bad thing. I liked it!

  13. I'm glad they went with this more moral grey option. I hope it is similar to the Witcher 3 moral choice system. How many times did I have to really consider my choices in that game? From choosing to not use the mind control magic on a little girl and instead choosing to calmly talk to her and give her back her dolly. Then learning that a fellow Witcher had slaughtered her entire village and being filled with rage, really rage. Then I talked to the fellow Witcher and actually chose to spare him. And even then I choose to be honest with the little girl's aunt about what killed her parents even when I knew she would hate me for it. All of this from a random optional monster contract.
    If Andromeda can replicate half of that in their dialogue choices it will be an excellent game for my game library.

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