19 thoughts on “MX16.1 Linux Review – The Swiss Army Knife Distro

  1. This is a great distro. I've been using it for abou 10 months now as my development distro and i haven't had a single problem. One thing I will say is that if you're a fan of plasma 5, it's not in the repos yet, and i dont think will be until the next version of debian comes out.

    EDIT: debian 9 is out! I'm upgrading my mx-16 to to debian 9 as I write this. So far so good everything seems to be going smoothly. Plasma 5 here I come!

  2. I'm currently trying it on an old 2008 netbook (1.33ghz intel core solo+2gb ram+ssd), runs absolutely great. So I think it will stay on that machine for a while. By the way, the bird on the wallpaper is not a woodpeaker but a king-fish.
    (ps: excuse me for my english, I am french).

  3. I am wating the next version base in debian strech ( if is no wrong the name) because this will have more years forward of live ( support ) i always like LTS versions

  4. [ Smiles ] Rob, MX 16.1 is good. But, since it is based on Debian, I would not be able to install PPAs (And, that means a lot to me).

    As always, great review!

  5. Nice video look, thanks! Just to point out a couple of things for those following along at home…if you use mx-defaultlook to change the panel from vertical to horizontal, it will try to get your menu on the left and your clock on the right. As you noticed, its a little cumbersome to do it by hand. There are also quick links to the main 3 costumize tools (Appearance, window manager, and panel settings). as well as setting things back to the default.

  6. Rob, you gotta be kiddin' me… A woodpecker? Of course it's an icebird.
    But on topic:
    What I do like about MX is the possibility of persistancy on the live-usb. (For those who don't know: it saves your settings on the live-usb and the next time you run the live-usb again, it's all still there.)
    Second, I like the fact they still support older hardware with 32-bit support. That's rare, lately.
    What you say about themes being personal: you are absolutely right. That's the thing I like the least about MX.

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