33 thoughts on “Nagios XI: Server (CentOS) and Client (Linux & Windows) Setup Tutorial

  1. Nagios had it's time … It worked, is open source and tested.. BUT like I said it is "yesterday's" technology. First it does not scale at all. It is a horrible to configure. Horrific old out dated interface, … It assumes a static configuration, meaning that deves will never be added our leave your configuration. There is no programmatic interface, and most importantly it throws away perfdata. As time goes on, data is thrown away.. The client needs to configured separately verses have a central configuration form the server. More checks you have the longer it takes to have them process since they are queued up one by one… So a check that is supposed to be run every 1 minute or 5 minutes could not run in 10 minutes depending on how many checks are in the queue.

  2. your videos are really helpful. Just a few suggestions to make them great !. Try doing some whiteboard before you run straight into CLI and do your lectures a bit slower , i assume you must be very much into your stuff , but the viewers are not as you are so just a few suggestion, overall keep it up. !
    Well done
    Brighton UK

  3. We use Nagios XI and it's a breeze to admin. I'd buy it if we had the budget, but they won't give it to me so I'm stuck with the limited host number (14 I think?). Full blown Nagios or even FAN though, NO FREAKIN WAY!! Too complicated!

  4. Hi, SysAdmin Girl Thank You for this video it was really helped me a lot. Still now in our company we r using some internal tool to monitor i don't know how to configure this nagios monitoring tool .this video was really helpful to me.

    Could u please explain me the Zabbix Tool as well its my personal request.

    You r really smart in technical…. still now i'am following sander van vugt and Eli the Computer Guy. from this video i will subscribe ur channel becaz ur way of explanation is really good..

    Thank you very much 🙂

  5. Hi SysAdmGirl,
    Is it possible to install nagios under nginx on centos 7. Could you please post the procedure. Because we do have nginx for web server, can't able to configure with httpd.

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