26 thoughts on “Navigating the Mac Desktop For Dummies

  1. Windows vs Apple's OS: who's laughing now, people? Windows 10, the OS that forces unwanted updates, can be used to put ads on you desktop and, oh yeah, does have a need for you to use anti-virus software. After more than 20 years of using a PC, I'm switching to Apple, despite the price. Windows 7 will lose it's support in the near future and I don't like my options with Win 10.

  2. I use a Mac everyday at uni as it saves me having to lug my laptop everywhere. I thought I was being a dunce and plain ignorant to navigating around, constantly manually re sizing windows, sifting through stacks of open windows to try to find whats behind them, sat waiting for stuff to load thinking it hasn't opened yet only to realise it has but only the top tool bars changed, then having to manually open a window and just being downright slow and sluggish to operate around. Nothings changed

  3. @cfsnipa Wow dude that is not what I meant at all. What I meant was that if all you icons most be at the Dock or can they be of the Dock and be Displayed around the entire Desktop like on Windows. The only one that I see is the OS icon that is actually off the Dock.

  4. @Ivansky1 what do you mean if you mean getting different icons for it yes just search on google download it, then right click on the icon you want ot change and click icon settings then the little + then go and find wherever you saved the new icons and double click it then above the + there will be like default then whereever you got the new icons click wherever you the the new icons then you will have whatever icons you downloaded click on the 1 you want then click ok and it is the 1 that u put

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