16 thoughts on “Peel-off Water Rubber Masks | Glow Recipe Tutorials

  1. I completely appreciate that you ladies put a lot of effort into curating the more "natural" Korean skin care products, because that is important. That makes things so much easier for us Westerners who are not familiar with the Korean brands and such. In the future I would love to see you guys bring to the US more affordable Korean skin care and cosmetics as well. Perhaps you could do something a little different….like maybe 'levels' of curated products, such as "good, better and best". That may be over-complicating things, but you probably get the idea.
    Anyhow, keep up the great work!

  2. what should I try for dark under eye circles, i have thin skin around my eyes. im just starting to really take care if my skin if it helps im in my low 20s

  3. I love these rubber masks! So far I've tried the Aqua & the Goji. They're super easy to mix & since there's no figuring out the correct water to powder ratio you get the perfect consistency every time. Another thing I really appreciate is that they don't harden right away, like other rubber masks, so you have plenty of time to apply a nice, even layer. But the best part is the results – super hydrated, soft, bouncy skin!

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