28 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial: Wood Brand! How to Burn an Image into Wood

  1. Just found your tutorials with this one. I was hoping it was how to use my cnc machine to make a real wood burn. 🙂 but very cool none the less. I love the style of the logo. Do you do logos for company's?

  2. Very cool!!!! Im gonna work with laser engraver and i will need to make a lot of previews before do the real work.. Thank you very much!!! Sorry for my english

  3. Thank you Marty for the great tutorial, Do you happen to have suggestions for another tutorial for the animation you did at the very end? Thanks!

  4. great tutorial!
    however everytime I go to invert my logo – instead of white its a weird mauve colour and it doesnt show up well on the wood..

  5. Hi BL Terrific tut, I tried the earlier one but my CC version didn't completely match. I started with a black logo and it remained black throughout. I was looking – hoping – for that attractive burnt wood color. I note your wood layer is distinctly reddish whereas mine is my own worktable top, a sort of driftwood gray with black shadows and knots. But the logo just looks black. I tried painting a different color but it just doesn't look good.

  6. I'm not very good at using PhotoShop just yet, but I want to create something that I can add additional text to later. Could I just add additional text to the same layer, and the wood burn effect will automatically get applied, or would I need to apply all of these effects each time I add additional text to the document?

  7. I have Adobe Photoshop CC build 2015-5.0 and I don't have an "Inner shadow" in the layer styles? Any help would be appreciated! 🙂

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