45 thoughts on “Pokemon Evolution Doorbell – Note Block “Tutorial” (Minecraft Xbox/Ps3)

  1. i feel so bad for you… i wouldn't unsubscribe just because you arent making tutorials

    i like just listening to the songs anyway

  2. Fed… U are my favorite noteblock builder… Really mean that.. Is there anyway u can explain me how u make these song layouts? So i can make them myself… Not for Youtube of couse… Just my own personel enjoyment… Thanxx anyway.. 😉

  3. Damb fedex ignore those haters man you even know that im the one that has always bugged you for things and im still here wheather you do it or not i think its awsome either way because your a unique youtuber because you like to talk with your subscribers and thats awsome man ignore those haters and do the videos that YOU want to make and what about:)

  4. Fed X can you make the Pokemon Indigo League intro. I've been making a pokemon minigame in minecraft recently and would like a theme tunt for new Players when they join

    Thank you for even reading this Comment

    Like so he can see

  5. Hey fed x, love your videos, sorry to hear that people have been giving you a lot of grief, your an amazing guy and you must give up a lot of time and put a lot of effort into these videos so thank you for doing this. Also can you do a tutorial of the RWBY opening song "this'll be the day"???

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