26 thoughts on “Using Moog Animoog w/ Ableton Live – iPad / iOS Sound Design Tutorial Pt 3

  1. FEW additions to the ideas in this video: 1) ios has a lot of great reverbs and other effect apps to chain in audiobus if you dont like any one app's ability to add effects on its own, there are a lot of choices- all mostly affordable. also technically you could make some great stuff on ipad (or iphone/ipod) now.. even if desktop/laptop computers have more power. just for fun, there are ios purists in the world who have not invested in desktops or have sold their old computers for the idevice's ability to work anywhere 2) via an iap ($5usd) you can send midi to animoog (notes, knobs etc) so you don't necessarily have to perform it to record from it (though a live jam is nice). you can use midi within the idevice from sequencers etc to get what you need or iconnectivity has a lot of nice products for sending(/receiving) midi to idevices from any source. 3) also i don't really recommend using the headphone jack out (though i don't discourage it if budget is an issue) a CCK or camera connection kit allows for USB class compliant interfaces and peripherals to plug direct into ipad (or iphone/ipod), you can google "sweetwater ios interface" to see their comprehensive stock listing to get some idea. some interfaces even come with a 30pin or lightning connector so you dont need a CCK, and some even charge the idevice while you work. these can help you use ipad/iphone/ipod as a studio but it can also help you use them for their tones and effects etc etc 4) if any of this is confusing, join the facebook group- ipad musician. thx dubspot for some great tutorials here 🙂

  2. I would like to see how you made that patch with some more detail… Like how you have two paths going & what all your modulation settings are with the controls.

  3. Hi Matt, Please advise what software did you use to capture screen and the audio – zooming in and out of sections of iPad screen and make this video. TIA

  4. Great video, Matt!

    What software did you use to capture screen and the audio – zooming in and out of sections of iPad screen and make this video?

    I could not find an online class on Cubase on your site. Do you have plans for it?

  5. Nice videos and very informative, that sophisticated tweak though sounds rrrrrrrealy sweet. My question is how the two points from the center line path in the screen don't connect with the rest of the path?

  6. thank you so much for the video 😀

    i have a question: can i use ableton 'push' with this animoog? will 'push' be able to 'see' the animoog as an instrument that i could play using push? can i do this with just the standard version of push?

  7. What about tempo syncing to your DAW for live performance? I mean if you've created a nice patch that depends on tempo synced LFOs you'll never be able to get it right when just hooked up with the headphone jack?

    Is there a way to midi sync the app to your daw somehow, or would you need to tap it in?

  8. How i connect animoog TO ABLETON? Why did you not made a tutorial of this :S pt 3 is bullshit without tutorial of connecting animoog too ableton.

  9. true but as he mentioned, the interface and design CAN get you thinking or inspired in different ways. Don't get me wrong I have some of the best hardware synths in the world and I prefer hardware over software most of the time but I also have an iPad and there are some apps that allow you to do things that software instruments and a traditional controller can not. Check out apps by Jordan Rudess for example.

  10. PT2 Thing is I found there was a long latency. Heard it was an issue with Ableton Live and the way it was designed to trigger loops live. Also heard it could be from the iO Dock and the iPad in conjunction with the Motu Midi Express.Is there a trick to minimize latency in this scenario?

  11. PT1 Not what I expected. This would simply be a basic tutorial for recording and external instrument and using an effect chain in Ableton if you took the Animoog out of this video.The Patch Origin tip was nice though. Was hoping to see you sequence the Animoog with midi. I've had my Animoog connected to Ableton via Alesis Io Dock and had some sequences going. Was controlling it with an external keyboard controller through a Motu Midi Express 128. Please see Pt2 of this comment.

  12. Wow that path origin trick is genius. It isn't a stretch to say that Animoog put me over the edge on wanting to get an iPad. Everything you say about thinking outside the box with the sound design is true and the sounds it makes are top notch. I am not sure if you went into this in the previous tuts but the poly pressure mod source essentially turns each key into a ribbon controller which adds for great dynamics.

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