18 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Plant Based Vegan Day: The Whole Food Plant Based Recipes

  1. Any ideas what would be good to replace the oil and honey in a dressing, or what dressing would be good on a watercress, strawberry, and almond salad instead?  Ingredients for the original dressing are:  Balsamic vinegar, honey, salt, olive oil.  I know you've posted dressings before but no idea what would be good on a watercress and strawberry salad instead of the one listed.  Thanks…

  2. My problem is meal planning. It's always a stressful thing for me. What formula/suggestion to you have for meal planning that saves time. How many days a week do you cook?

  3. Now that you've been following the Nutritarian diet for 3 years, I wonder if you could share how this has made a difference in your and your family's lives. In other words, what measurable improvements or first hand experiences can you tell us about that would give inspiration and motivation for those us just starting this diet lifestyle. Hmmm, sounds like a script for another video 🙂

  4. You're so adorable in the way you are and how you bring across these recipes. Especially how you take your time with everything. Thank you for making all of these videos over the past years. In gratitude.

  5. THANK YOU!!! I love how real your meals are!! Not this big long list of 10 bananas, 8 oranges, 3 heads of lettuce, etc. Just real! And it all sounds delicious. Just starting this journey (with a couple of hiccups of bad habits along the way). But I am so thrilled with following your videos, they are very encouraging. Slowly, I'm determined to make this my way of life.

  6. That doesn't seem like a lot of calories. I've just started eating a plant based diet (now in week 4) and I seem to be hungry all the stinking time. Especially at night. Im getting in 1200 calories. Any suggestions.

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