Lace Front Hair Pieces

The use of “Lace Front” parts for the Ultimate Hair Line appearance went from Broadway to Hollywood and is currently found all over the streets, in offices, night clubs, and the very market. This technique for creating a “New” locks line has generally been available and then those in the film industry and some also require had a link to a wig maker.

It is a highly effective and easy way to give one a fresh hair range without surgery or putting on a wig. There’s been a huge resurgence of the utilization of lace fronts because of the popularity of their use by such celebrities as Beyonce and Tyra Banks. The lace fronts are usually about 10” to 11” wide and from 1” to 3” deep and are positioned from temple to temple over the front hair range. The lace is attached to the skin with the use of a liquid adhesive that is safe for use on your skin it continues on clear and dries clear.

Once the adhesive is dried out the lace disappears on the skin and can then be touched up with a little amount of makeup to blend into the skin. The locks that are linked into the lace can then be styled into the existing locks. Another use for the lace front that was extracted from the theater and film industry is to use the front to an existing wig. The new mainstream use of the lace front side has brought a whole new sizing to the wonder industry and an excellent new option for people that have problematic locks lines allowing one to look and feel like a celebrity.

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