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Yeah, so we were holding used May when school is at still. Since then, I’ve began to get acne all around my chin and on my cheeks. I’m not sure what has changed. What do you utilize to clear it up? For me chin breakouts are usually hormonal, and I haven’t found a perfect treatment for them, but a hydrocolloid bandage decreases the recovery time way. To get rid of the rest of my acne I stopped wearing concealer and foundation every day (it’s a rough transition to show your face at its worst).

I also began oil cleansing every evening and putting on a lot of hydrating stuff at night. I counterintuitively ended using acne products (harsh cleansers, benzoyl peroxide, etc) because I believe these were just making my skin too irritated. I now use differin, mostly for anti aging, but I determine it will too assist in preventing breakouts. Just my two cents: I struggled with acne around my chin (and chest and back) kinda randomly after having super naturally clear skin all my life. It went away fairly quickly as soon as I cut dairy products out of my diet. AFTER I occasionally eat it, I have a tendency to quickly use there again.

  • Helps to lessen puffy eye & dark eyesight circles
  • Take vitamin rich diet
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  • Rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids

I also use around my chin once i take certain supplements (like B12 and biotin, strangely). I could only assume it’s because my own body has enough of those vitamins when that occurs or maybe the brand. Just something to consider, but everyone’s epidermis is so different it obviously depends on the person!

I battled with acne in the same areas for years before I bit the bullet and noticed a derm. Acne in those areas is hormonal usually. Spiro cleared it right up. If a derm is seen by you, do. Don’t waste years struggling like I did so. To stay on topic, I love your makeup. I have no idea if your skin if like my pores and skin, but I find an AHA like glycolic acid does miracles. Paula’s Choice makes some nice ones at an acceptable price, but there are many others on the marketplace.

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