Switch To Green Skin Care Routine In These 7 Ways

Greenwashing is when a company pulls the wool over your eye marketing itself as ‘eco’ or ‘green’. ‘Made with natural ingredients’ doesn’t indicate that it’s good for you or the surroundings. Look beyond the labels, dig deeper, ask questions. With Ayurveda, you get the beauty that comes from within – an internal external beauty balance.

Mix 4 teaspoons best, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon yogurt and a pinch of turmeric into a paste. Apply over face and neck. Once it dries up, wash off with tepid to warm water. Moisturize your face with coconut-essential oil – it’s light, soothing, and cool. You could try ghee as well.

  • Cassis + Cream, Coconut Lip Gloss, Raisin + Cream, Tinted Rose Balm contains FC&D dyes
  • After a month: Skin texture is improved and skin surface shows up smoother
  • 1 teaspoon of oats
  • Avoid long term exposure to sunshine, usually use a sunscreen
  • Pore-tightening Egg White Avocado Face Mask
  • Happiness is often as simple as locating the perfect color of lipstick

Dry and irritated epidermis will calm down with a natural Castor oil mask. Mop it up with best. Nothing will lift your spirits just as much as a rosewater spray! It smells lovely, feels cool, and can be used several times each day. A good way to get soft, supple skin. Save your skin and save your spirit by ditching the chemical substance bleaches. Here’s a natural bleaching mask to give you all the glorious advantages of a chemical substance bleach.

Apply over face, neck and other affected areas. Rinse it off with tepid to warm water. Try out this every 2 times until you are happy with the full total results. For acne removal, get one of these Tulsi mask! Make a paste with a few tulsi leaves plus some orange peel natural powder. Apply neem oil on pimples and inflamed places, leave overnight.

It dries up the area but is ‘cool’ about it. Aloe vera is well known for pacifying sunburns. But that’s not absolutely all. The pores and skin is manufactured by it soft, supple, and youthful looking. You can utilize it topically or sip it in the juice. ‘Feed’ your skin layer. Supplement your diet with organic milk, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables. Seeds are superfoods too.

Also on the list are male and avocado. Microbeads are tiny exfoliating non-biodegradable plastic material items found in face toothpastes and washes. Not so great for you and terrible for the environment totally. These tiny little plastic culprits put on lakes and oceans, where these are wreaking havoc on entire marine ecosystems. According to a Toxics Link study, 50 per cent of the face wash products and 67 per cent of the facial scrubs are found to contain microbes, and most found is polyethylene commonly.

There are carpets of plastic debris in our oceans that are so huge, they can be seen from space. Avoid plastic material as is possible – switch to refillable options considerably. Check to see if the company accepts empty jars and bottles for recycling. With inputs from Art of Living’s senior Ayurveda Expert and Head Doctor at Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma, Dr. Mitali Madhusmita.