The Daily Diary Of A Winning Loser

Spending time with mother on one of these doctor-trip visits is quality. We’ve among the better conversations plus some of the biggest laughs on the way. I live to listen to her laugh and see her smile. Mom’s eye procedure went well. She wasn’t at all surprised when we ended up at a Mexican place for lunch time afterwards.

Mom adores it as much as I do, so it wasn’t a large deal. A couple of other choices, sure–and Personally I think self-confident I could navigate almost any menu. But there’s certainty in a good Tex-Mex place. I don’t need a menu at all. I understand what I want and what I don’t want and it’s always good. I cut calories by cutting out the shredded cheese, rice, and coffee beans and I replace the flour tortillas with corn taco shells, that move alone will save at least 50 calories from fat on each. If I were to consume all that stuff of consuming 600 or less calories with the chips too–instead, I’d be looking at 1200-1500 for a meal.

Yeah–not a good calorie value. And I’m completely satisfied and I believe it’s glucose free. If I get sick and tired of it, I’ll change it up–replace chicken breast with meat or shrimp, I’ve done both before. I’m obviously a consistency kind of person. Instead of our original plan of working out at the newly in Edmond, the decision was designed for me to workout at my Y tonight and mom to get her to walk in after sunset. I did the elliptical followed by someone-weight power exercises at home. Your body weight rail push-ups aren’t easy.

I planned on 3 sets of 10 and reached my potential midway through established three. The angle models The level of resistance of my body. I get it out pretty well there. And I don’t mind admitting that I really do not possess the strongest arms, yet. I focused on form, keeping my own body rigidly directly. It worked well. The wall sits are challenging and the squats will be the easiest for me personally. My legs are strong, probably from transporting me around all of those years at 500 pounds. I’m the guest speaker at an area civic organization’s lunch meeting tomorrow. They’re likely anticipating my speak to be all about weight loss. That’s not my plan for tomorrow’s event.

I’ll be doing a TED-like 20 minute demonstration on self-worth and identification titled “The Happiness Code.” I’m excited for the chance to get my foot wet in talking about this powerful topic. I’m striking the pillow tonight after striking all of my goals square, today. I’ll aim for the same tomorrow.

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Dark roast w/half & half (2tblspns), and a sprinkle of cinnamon. X 2 mugs. 80 cal. Avocado omelet w/3 egg whites & 1 entire egg, and 88g avocado, 3.7oz sirloin, 125g fresh peaches. Waiting room treat. Pre-weighed & loaded 199g golden delicious apple. 75g fresh peach. 29 cal. 3 mugs of water with lunch time. Homemade salsa, fresh chips (12) & 1/4 glass cheese soup. Crispy fajita rooster (5oz) tacos with lettuce & full-fat sour cream (2tblspns). A 338. Regular coffee with 2 tablespoons half & half around.

Their expensive glass. My inexpensive night glass home-refill of dark roast and two tablespoons half & half. 3 cups water with dinner. Tilapia (4oz) pan-ready & 300g fresh slice and baked sugary potato fries. Both w/olive oil squirt (4 sec). Climbing aboard this magical machine! That was nice. I’m dripping damp.

Planning some body weight strength actions at home. 3 models of 10 body weight rail pushups, 3 sixty-second (challenging for me personally) wall sits & 3 models of 10 squats. Time to get low! Reached utmost at 5 body weight rail push-ups in 3rd collection, do 25 of 30. This tomorrow I am going to feel. Wall sits & squats ✔️. My hip and legs are strong.