World Needs Gemstones And Joharis

Recently while I used to be going through the news of Manushi Chillar becoming the Miss World, like many I felt very proud of her also. An optimistic feeling towards life and our country immediately inculcated in me accompanied by a blast of questions. Within a country where still many families and parents don’t appreciate wearing ‘bikini’ and could not prefer to see their daughters in that, here is someone outshining everything! It really feels great that how some achieve their dreams and leaves us astonishing by everything about the wonder pageants.

Beauty pageants serve all that in a plate which is supposed to be appreciated and such as a very good follower most of us do the same. But just how many of us appreciate or have observed others appreciating something is still not recognised on the benchmark of say talent or beauty or intelligence or even mankind?

Jiski waah waahi sab karr rahe ho usme kya rakha hai janaab, wo bano jiske heere ki waah waahi kal sab karein johari! Meaning: What’s there directly into appreciate what’s appreciated by everyone, be that appreciator who appreciates that plain thing whose amazement is not appreciated now but as you find, it becomes recognisable and later will be appreciated by others too.

Yes, that johari is that positive motivator who can encourage and put even the dumbest person to his best useful. Humans will be the most possibly valuable reference which are squandered mostly due to the insufficient discovery of oneself,lack of self-confidence, lack of identification, insufficient self-esteem and all these can vanish if we start motivating and appreciating positively!

Most of the winners or successful folks have decided that how time to time personal appreciation performed the role in their inspiration regarding working hard when others didn’t have confidence in them or their dreams. Appreciation never meant informing a lay or exxagerating or oiling because that happens only once words are mixed with personal benefits or bad motives. True appreciation comes whenever we accept what we see in others and keeps the capability to understand it’s importance then only we can in fact appreciate.

With appreciation comes encouragement, so its important that only the right traits are encouraged. Be considered a true aprreciator in a wish of a better world even if false appreciation is what you recieve. 1. Less efficiency at the job. 6. Loose our close ones very often( this one can get very serious and also have affects for a prolonged amount of life).

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Literal Meaning: Even the rooster that belongs to accommodate is equal to pulse. Actual meaning: How often we appreciate our mom for cooking us delicious food daily? What we should fail to understand is that what our mothers are doing deserve more understanding actually becuase she is doing a lot more than us daily what the gifted chefs are doing.

One of the major reason of fights or distance in any relation is having less appreciation. The one’s we are close with are often those who understands us more than others. If so getting views about ourselves from them becomes an important outlook to look upon ourselves. We trust them a lot.

Radiating what you truly feel is important to be able to recieve the same. If you wish to feel great about yourself, make others feel good about them. If you’d like visitors to be polite to you, be polite to them. If you’d like respect, learn to respect everyone irrespective of who matches to your ego level or not.

It’s in accordance to Newton’s third legislation – “Every action has an opposite and equal reaction” . When you apply the idea of gratitude to Newton’s laws it says: every action of offering thanks a lot always causes an opposing reaction of receiving and what you obtain will be always equal to the total amount you’ve given.