The Cycling Addiction

The Cycling Addiction 1

The Ride: ONCE I woke up at 4 a.m. I knew this might be a rough day, but went forwards because that’s what we should do. It was getting out of bed and feeling an upset abdomen, lower back and hip pain that provided me this preliminary feeling of a potential tough day. It was great to see Edgar and Jack preparing to roll out for the marked 48 while I was meeting Craig at the brewery for a 7:30 a.m.

I wasn’t sure how many miles, but I needed to try for 80 miles using the Felt. We managed to get a 1/2 mile when my front side wheel blew. The night time prior to trying to install a fresh Michelin Pro 4 front car tire I had fashioned trouble. The tire bead kept popping out of the rim, which in turn would blow the tube.

Craig and I spoken and thought it was best for him to just do it. I set the toned and visited my truck to switch for a backup entrance wheel back again. The ride venturing out went even really. The temperature was cool still, but I knew with the tire issue it was going to push me into the hotter temperatures later and it did.

Still working on accumulating my fitness which i lost from vacation a couple weeks ago I did not press higher intensities and just used the time to get more experience using down in the aero position. It worked as I started feeling convenient pushing in the speed more. For the majority of the ride back I felt pretty good, but at mile 70 I started feeling the consequences of high temperature and from that point the ride became a struggle.

Plus the annoyed stomach which i mentioned earlier which i had before departing the house today – yeah it was getting worse as well. The final 18 kilometers were tough the manage between the warmth and liquid intake with a sour belly. No need to whimper about the discomfort.

The way to get out of the heat was keep pressing forwards until I hit heaven – Sosbee Bike Park. There I was able to sit on a bench in the color for an instant and run some cold water over my mind and neck. Back at the vehicle I had been sense fatigued and ill.

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On the drive home it was all of that I possibly could do to stay awake and upon coming to home, dumping my equipment as as possible and fall under to bed quickly. I dropped asleep for a short period Instantly. I don’t think I felt like this in a long time. Between the heat, annoyed tummy and dropping fitness lately this is a hardcore day, however the only way is to force forward with perseverance and desire to improve back again. Given that I am rested just a little I am getting excited about another training event tomorrow and/or Monday.

Thanks a lot for the folks that put in Sosbee Bike Park. I shall continue steadily to contribute to keep it going. The Weather: Sunny skies in the beginning @ 66 degrees, on the return @ 90 degrees, breeze from the west. Still training how I would like this bike to be set up. Since I do not race I won’t need to be super touchy about fine tuning every little detail for wind level of resistance.