Organizational Behavior Ch. 1

Organizational Behavior Ch. 1 1

The Business Law minor provides students with practical legal knowledge of substantive business legislation topics and current legalities. Students learn the skill models essential to identify and take care of legal issues experienced within personal and business contexts, including litigation, agreement law, work and recruiting, real and personal property law as well as applied critical thinking. The total result is a student prepared for career opportunities in general management, politics, and technology.

The minimal is also excellent preparation for advanced levels and for rules school. The small requires 12 credits extracted from the following classes. The classes must be finished with a quality of “C” or better. Students must earn at least 75 percent of most credits required for the small from FAU. A maximum of 3 credits used for the Business Law small may depend toward other Business major requirements. At the least two courses (6 credits) must be exclusive to the minor.

‘ reactions to specific questions. 75. Which of the next statements about surveys is INCORRECT? Either close-ended or open-ended questions can be used in studies. Close-ended question responses are difficult in summary. Surveys involve requesting individuals to react to questions. Many effective online survey tools are available cost-free. Which of the next statements about case studies is true?

They involve a study conducted under managed conditions. They provide the researcher with a very simple and effective way to generalize what worked well in one situation to many other situations. They are a technique employed by researchers to summarize what other experts found on a topic. They are a real way to gather data and clarify an event or situation in detail. 79. Marcus wants to thoroughly understand the issues that created the severe financial straits General Motors currently finds itself experiencing. He should consider what kind of a comprehensive research study?

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25 gift cards to Best Buy. Those in the anatomist department weren’t offered the gift card for registering. 80. The situation described above represents that kind of study? An experimental field study. 85. Natalia administered the test to the job applicant three different times. 86. In analyzing the info, the researcher notes that as worker absences increase, ratings on performance assessments lower. Do you ensure that you hide any types of unethical behavior so others do not replicate the behavior?

Do you ensure that pay is equitable for those employees? Do you question whether employees are seeing any examples of unethical behavior taking place at work? Do you ensure that daily decisions are evaluated for ethical conformity? 93. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT with regard to styles that organizational behavior is dealing with? The workforce is getting younger and therefore their integration into most organizations will be seamless.

Organizations will probably become “shamrock-shaped” in the foreseeable future. The world is “flattening” so information access is increasing. Outsourcing is becoming a means of life in many organizations. 96. In analyzing trends that present difficulties for organizational behavior, which of the next is INCORRECT? Outsourcing offshore presents challenging managing teams of different nationalities separated by culture. A flattening world creates an unequal playing field with regard to information to gain access to. Sustainable business methods are the ones that meet present needs without compromising the needs of future years.