Don’t Be Shy. Run Towards Your Big Vision

Don’t be timid. Run towards your big vision. Day this week As I had been walking to work one, I noticed this pretty Corgi (pictured above) on the street. At first he was timid. He watched me with fifty percent of his face concealed behind the wall structure. But as I closer walked, his excitement overwhelmed him. He ran out of concealing to say hello there and asked me to pet him (so gentle!). Sometimes that’s how we are with our Big Visions.

Shy at first. Testing the waters. Not wanting to make a commitment. But here’s the key part. The excitement. When we get SO excited about something that we Want to do it just or find out more about it, or discuss it with others, we have to release and run towards it.

When you feel drawn towards something that makes you decide to go “Oooooooh!” Move towards it. Get closer. See what it’s about. For example, I often take photos on my walks to and from work. A color shall catch my eyesight and compel me to obtain my telephone and look nearer.

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Sometimes I decide that it generally does not look as great as I thought it would, and I keep walking. Other times, through editing it on Instagram halfway, I’ll determine that the image or second isn’t sketching me in anymore. I dispose of the edits and delete the image. But a whole great deal of the time, if I stop to photo something I feel attracted to inexplicably, the photo turns out more beautifully than I could have imagined even. And that makes me happy. Big Vision test: Move towards what excites you, draws in you, this week or attracts you in. All photos by me.

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