Blogging is one of the best “free” ways to advertise a small business online. Keeps your website content fresh. Allows you to engage with customers. Enables he’s to find you. Builds thought command in your industry. Helps promote products. You probably already know that you can create and run a blog for free on sites like WordPress and Blogger.

However, many business owners have found that preserving a blog quickly turns into a bothersome marketing task that eventually ends up at the bottom of their “to do” lists credited to costs, lack of resources and insufficient time. So now that blogging has become one of the very most effective marketing tools, just how much should a dynamic blog be costing you?

1,200 a month). Check out what Neil Patel says about his cost of blogging for Quicksprout. 240,000 a year for blogging is out of the question. So, is blogging really that expensive? To turn your site into a true business asset, you must manage and maintain a constant content marketing schedule. 1. Who’ll develop (or build) your blog?

2. Who’ll write content for your site? 3. Who will manage and revise your blog? 4. Who’ll share and spread the expressed term about your site? So, how much will it cost to build and manage a successful blog? Developing, managing, and writing a little or medium-sized business blog can be broken down into a four-phase process. Here is a breakdown of the cost of each phase.

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  5. Research into the industry, marketplace, and audience

Keep in mind that the template weblogs that could be “free” often aren’t very original, and modifying any part of them could require web development knowledge. Furthermore, if you want your blog to match your business’s existing brand (which it will), then customization is necessary. 2,500. Take into account that creating a blog is a one-time investment. Next, for your site to be of value, you’ll need to populate it with original and search-engine-optimized (SEO) content. That’s where marketing dollars are either terribly lost or profitably spent often. To build up post-worthy content, you’ll need a writer. An article writer should be able to imbue your blog with a frequent, professional voice.

There are many writers and content factories out there that are willing to jump into the industry and produce 250-to-500-phrase articles that read like spam and can lend your website little credibility. Depending on factors such as how often you’ll publish new content to the blog and the space of the articles, ghostwriting costs will vary. The success of any blog depends on how many people actually read it. Which means strategizing an idea to really get your content noticed. An internet marketing strategy is a key aspect of running a successful blog and gaining followers.