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Crowd lending or crowd funding is something very new in Singapore. Before a couple of months, there are increasingly more reports on the mainstream press on crowd lending in Singapore which resulted in more people trading their money through these crowd-lending platforms. I’ve written on group financing and on stock trading before also.

I discussed earlier that many teenagers began trading in the currency markets partly because of the lure of quick money. Both crowd lending and trading have its dangers and I’ll explore the variations between both of these. Let’s see which is a much better choice for most people to start with. Could it be that easy to generate income through stock trading?

Trading is a psychology game. Investing stocks in the short term while betting on price motion requires a great deal of hard work too. We’ve noticed investors who earn thousands in an exceedingly short time and we see these advertisements very frequently on those trading workshops. Some of these workshops have software to help you trade and make money automatically even.

  • You pay 4%, or $12,000, to summarize costs
  • OCBC Frank Current Account (Debit card)
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  • It will be converted to other assets
  • By examining cash flows, we are properly in a position to analyze the timing of the benefits
  • 28 August. Marks & Spencer / GLOBALLY Fund for Nature / EDEK
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It was said this eliminates the psychology aspect and doesn’t require much effort on our part. Is it that easy to generate income really? I heard a genuine life story of a female who was retrenched through the 2007/08 financial crisis. She was a futures broker in a lender for 17 years. In the evening to 5am in the morning trading futures market She proved helpful mostly from 6pm.

After being retrenched, she thought she’d be able to operate at home and have time to look after her boy. But, within 10 months into trading at home, she lost quite a lot of money and stopped. Why did she lose cash? She said trading in a lender allowed her to have tips and instant information to make decisions fast.

Trading at home is different as most of the time the news headlines is delayed. The second reason is trading an organization money is different from trading your own money. The emotional and psychological aspect is different completely. With the experience and knowledge of trading Even, it continues to be highly possible to lose money.