Sanye’s Investment Portfolio

Sanye's Investment Portfolio 1

My collection performed very well this month. Its value increased by 3.71% this month, out performing the ST Index. I did not make any trade this month, but received some stocks from Mapletree Industrial Trust via scrip dividend system. I bought some CommerzBank relationship during its IPO. This is in line with my current investment technique to shift my investment focus towards fixed income investment. 7,145, 2/3 from UT/Bond and 1/3 from shares dividend.

Figure 4. The Export and Import Functions. The export function is drawn as a horizontal collection because exports are determined by the buying power of other countries and thus do not change with how big is the domestic economy. In this example, exports are set at 840. However, exports can change up or down, depending on buying patterns in other countries.

The transfer function is used negative territory because expenses on imported products are a subtraction from expenditures in the domestic economy. Within this example, the marginal propensity to import is 0.1, so imports are determined by multiplying the known degree of income by -0.1. Imports are used the Keynesian cross diagram as a downward-sloping collection. The slope is given by the marginal propensity to import (MPI), which is the percentage change in spending on imports when nationwide income changes. The slope is negative because since aggregate costs measures spending on domestic services and goods, shelling out for imports takes away from aggregate expenses; thus, the MPI is negative. 600, etc.

  • Good educational Record
  • Net income must be generated from real property transactions of at least 75-percent
  • S&P Global Market Intelligence Research Paper Series
  • Implications of new direct tax structure
  • 5 years back from Keystone Heights, FL
  • Enbridge (ENB) – $8.12

The import function is attracted as downward sloping and negative, just because a subtraction is symbolized because of it from the aggregate expenditures in the domestic overall economy. A big change in the marginal propensity to import, as a result of changes in preferences perhaps, would alter the slope of the import function. Each of the columns in Table 3 originates from the prior figures and desks. Graphically, the aggregate expenditure function is formed with the addition of together (or stacking on top of one another) the consumption function (after taxes), the investment function, the national government spending function, and the web export function. Figure 5. Graphing Aggregate Expenditure.

To deal with the first concern didn’t cost me anything and only got two minutes to solve. Firstly, the rig attachment for the 7 in . LCD Monitor we bought was an 11 inch articulating magic arm and support clamp for mounting a Monitor LED light LF82 but well suited for the 7 inch LCD Monitor. It appeared good value for money but broke on first use because the securing bolt for the clamp was just soft alloy that was hollow at one end. Instead of return it for an upgraded (which could have the same design flaw) I just went down to the shed to discover a durable bolt with a wing nut to fit the clamp.

The replacement unit bolt and wing nut will the job just as well as the original bolt and wing nut but is a lot stronger. Secondly, even though the clamp (once tightened with the wing nut) grips the pipe strongly so you can’t budge it yourself once you connect the LCD Monitor it can slip. Over will be the days of developing images and enlargements from negatives at night room, these days post production, printing and storage is all done from the computer. The choice computer for many people working in media and multimedia is the iMac or iMac pro if you’re carrying it out professionally; or sometimes a multimedia PC (which is my preference).

A multimedia PC comparable to the iMac Pro in power and performance is simply as expensive to buy or build as the price for a iMac. You can find no shortcuts if you would like the energy and performance of a multimedia workstation whether an iMac Pro or high range media PC e.g. the performance is got by you you purchase.

For video editing Pinnacle Studio is the the choice for a multimedia PC and for iMac users Final Cut is the choice program but unlike Pinnacle Studio is extremely expensive. Having chose whether to use an iMac Pro or multimedia PC for your picture editing and having chosen your editing software for post-production the problem remaining is storage.