Divide Into 4. Shape Into Patties

Divide Into 4. Shape Into Patties 1

Breakfast: Made a batch of Protein Granola (it’s essentially my CLICK’n Granola but using any protein powder) this time around I used Vanilla Protein and instead of cinnamon I used Pumpkin Spice. Mix together with a fork till clumps form. Sprinkle clumps of the topping onto a baking sheet (I lined it with foil for ease of clean-up) and bake for 20 minutes at 350. Allow to cool.

When cool store in covered container for many days. Makes a yummy crunchy topping on Glucose Free Custard and Pudding, Greek Yogurt, Protein Ice Cream, fruit or on its own. Place a little in a treat size Ziploc for an on-the-go snack or breakfast. Mix all ingredients together. Divide into 4. Shape into patties.

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Saute in skillet (I use a little olive oil or Pam) till fantastic brown. Flip and continue to cook till cooked through. Dinner: Sat outside on the terrace, under the electric stars and conducted a Gouda flavor test. The other day when I near the beach I ended in a Whole Foods and as usual couldn’t resist the cheese section.

I always leave with two or three 3 to try. It so happens these were all types of Gouda just. The cheeses: UnieKaas Vintage Grand Ewe, Robusto, and (my fav) Yodeling Goat Gouda with some nuts, sliced apple and cucumber. Tip: rather than getting the pre-cut packages of cheese which are usually too large a quantity for all of us weight loss surgery altered chitlin peeps to take, keep these things cut a little lump (under 1/4 lb) of whatever you want.

I usually get two or three 3 different cheeses to collect and try to spend less than one large piece could have been. I decided to buy another lover. We’ve had a minor summer season so far but I hear that is approximately to change. This fan is perfect for the garage where Charlie my cat loves to hang out. Oh and I drank about 1/2 of an OK LAST ONE RTD Prepared to Drink Strawberry Protein Shake.

The Charge tended to underestimate heartrate, as the Peak tended to overestimate heart rate, the researchers noted. In general, the wrist-worn displays were most accurate when the person was at rest, and their accuracy reduced as the wearer’s activity level increased, the experts said. Wrist-worn heart-rate displays use light to measure your pulse. They glow a light in to the arteries in your wrist, and then detect the changes in bloodstream volume that occur every time your heart beats and pushes blood through your system.