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The SPX prints a fresh all-time record high at 2094.74 and the day is significantly from over. Price breaks and out of the dark brown sideways route up. The tight standard deviation bands squeeze out the rally move higher (pink arrows). Price is moving up inside an increasing wedge pattern, which is bearish.

The indications are overt which is bearish sans the MACD collection. The MACD desires one more high in price in this 2-hour candlestick timeframe after hook pull back. So the SPX should top out in one to three candlesticks which is 2 to 6 hours; Wednesday morning that would place equities at topping out anytime now through early. Markets are closed on Monday in Observance of President’s Day holiday.

Considering it is 11:40 AM EST as this is typed, the bears may have the ability to begin the drawback before today’s closing bell. Simply watch to see when the MACD rolls over. Typically, weekend stocks operate bullishly before a three-day vacation. The top pink band is violated, so a move to the middle band back, at 2068 and rising now, is within play. The bears were crushed by the Ukraine ceasefire Greece and contract happy talk.

So charts have to reset from the good thing thrust higher which they are. On Mon, which is getting priced into stocks and shares already Greece is likely to get a new bailout package deal. Note Added 12:25 PM: A new candlestick starts and with the price at equal highs in the MACD line is only a single hair from turning over. The near-term top may be getting close to quickly and take place today. The SPX 1-hour chart is universally negatively diverged with its indicators like the MACD.

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Tiny industry where investment in herb and machinery does not exceed Rs. 5 lakhs. Unit is treated as Tiny industry where investment in herb and equipment will not go beyond Rs. Need for cost-volume profit analysis? Need for Cost Volume Profit (CVP) Analysis: The most profitable mixture of variable cost, fixed cost, selling price, and sales volume can be found by using cost volume profit analysis.

If set costs can be reduced by a larger amount, the profits can be increased by reducing the contribution margin sometimes. What gets the author Kok Ling Hee wrote? It really is expected that 5000 systems will be sold a 550 per device Maximum sales within the relevant range are 10000 what is the expected contribution margin? Sales – Variable Cost So Variable cost is unavailable so it is extremely hard to determined contribution margin. Contribution margin is adding up to set costs minus variable costs?