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With all the difficult jobs and the evolving world around us, There is little or no chance that you can earn decent money from the web. But there’s a task that pays you for every click and surely it’s available around the world and even in 3rd world countries!

But if you sign up for any paid to click site then there is a chance that you will either end up broke or get scammed! So it’s vital to research a site before becoming a member of one. Many PTC sites that guarantees us benefits after upgrades goes fraud with Admin of the site not paying often.

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So to make it simple and beneficial for newcomers! PTC sites that are legit and pay their users without delays! Though not the pioneer of paid to click site but a vintage site and a legit paid to click site. Neobux is one of the oldest to site that was launched in 2007. Owned by NeoDev day.

2 for the first drawback. You can withdraw by payer, skill or Neteller. Heedyou is the second best paid to click site formerly known as clicks-in. Ayuwage is also a good to that pays via pasta and has a credit system meaning you get paid in credits which may be changed into money and can be withdrawn when you reach 11000 credits. 11000 credits get converted into 5 dollars. The site also offers a caution system which has 3 strikes unless you follow instructions or try to cheat. After that your account gets suspended. Paidverts is a distinctive kind of paid to click site because your earning depends on b.a.p system.

The more BAP you have, and the greater ads you’ll get with great value but the site sometimes offer you small value advertisements even with high BAP. Which will take hours to click. An excellent earning site with a lot of withdrawal options Still. Jillsclickcorner is another legit paid to click site which includes many other money earning methods other then paid to click like paid to signup, offerwalls, and manual browse which have cash awards in them sometimes. Donkeymails is a sister site of jillsclickcorner. With all the same features, and identical earning methods as well as identical withdrawal methods as well.

Innocurrent is the sister site of ayuwage with the same earning method and same withdrawal methods as ayuwage but the only downside is the value of ads are lower than of ayuwage. It takes much time to reach the minimum withdrawal then ayuwage because of the low value of ads. 1 for each other withdrawal.