Cruelty-Free Beauty FOR MANY

Cruelty-Free Beauty FOR MANY 1

No parabens, sulfates, talc, chemical preservatives, fragrances, dyes or fillers. 400 what to choose from Almost. I could go on and on and many of these rave reviews are about one shop offering cruelty-free and vegan makeup: Beauty Bar Baby. I had been in awe within the variety and, of course, purchased a lot for sampling. I’ve divided the review into two parts, eyes and lips.

I have so many lovely photos to talk about, let’s get to it! BBB offers an overwhelming selection of shades and formulas from duo chromes to glitters to matte finish eyes shadows. 3 each for 5 gram pots: ‘Lectric Pink (glitter) over Sephora’s glitter primer, Enchantress (matte) on bare skin, Santa’s Suit (duo chrome) on bare skin, and that is Really Bananas!

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The glitter, like other formulas, will not adhere to skin without some form of primer or adhesive. Beauty Bar Baby’s is a bit different, however. It appears to be a glitter/pigment cross types so you are getting an extra bump in color with the glitz of your traditional glitter. The above is an attention look using the ‘Lectric Pink glitter. It really is a lot more sparkly in person; it’s tough to fully capture glitter in a photograph.

Enchantress is a pleasant, grey based lilac. Santa’s Suit is my favorite of the number, a red/gold/green shift with more sparkle then most duo chromes I’ve run into on the market. That’s Really Banana’s is a true yellow to iridescent shift that is amazingly wearable. Under the luscious lips category, BBB offers more formulas than colors, and that’s just fine by me.

2.75); it’s easy and silky and the fragrance is the finest I have come across in handmade lip balms. 6 each): Unicorn Kisses lipstick in Princess Candace, Lip Potion in Stroke of Midnight, and Lip Potion in Ritualistic. A glance using Princess Candace semi-matte lipstick. These things is like butter!

It is clean and opaque and is the consistency of melted lipstick in a pipe. It is best applied with a clean even though packaged in a lip balm tube. If you’d like opaque coverage that is a matte finish without all the dryness mostly, this is the formula for you.

Above is Stroke of Midnight. It really is packaged in a 5 gram container and requires a brush to use it. It is a very heavy, very pigmented gloss texture that could work as a pure wash of color, or become opaque with a heavier application. It’s a polished finish off, as well.

3 for eyesight shadow pots, some fun can be afforded by you, fashion forward colors you may otherwise avoid if you’re on a budget. The eye shadows – specially the duo chromes – have more sparkle to them then I am accustom to and I love them. They are absolutely beautiful no sparkle has been found by me to compare up to now. Princess Candace, from the Unicorn Kisses collection, feels amazing on and that is rare for matte finish lipsticks.

I am terribly impressed with the Lip Potions too, as you can put them on in many various ways. I swatched them heavily in the photos, but they can be used as a light gloss, or put into a lip balm, the possibilities are endless. If you plan on attaining full dental coverage plans with the Lip Potions, you’ll likely need a likewise colored foundation lipstick or it can look splotchy. Without lip liner, the Lip Potions also have a tendency to bleed. It requires some doing, but they’re wonderful and user friendly if you apply a sheer coat. 23 and filled up with tons of goodies. Did it is talked about by me is packaged within an adorable wooden coffin? I understand I’m excited about it!

I hardly ever ever use just one on each client. I this base for so multiple reasons LOVE, however the reason I adore it the most is it’s finish and longevity on the oiliest of skin types. It’s very similar to my precious Estee Lauder Double Wear without the SPF can tend to have flashback.