I Don’t Think That’s Possible

I Don't Think That's Possible 1

I don’t believe that’s possible, because of how music ‘mainstream’ makeup has transformed. It’s completely in the hands of specific brands now, and is particularly primarily consumed by people who don’t usually really pay attention to music. I’m somebody who listens to, and has now paid attention to non-mainstream styles always. The majority of the metal umbrella, shoegaze, post-rock, post-hardcore (mostly) etc. These things possibly hasn’t really charted. That said, the definition of ‘mainstream’ and ‘underground’ is more blurred and subjective than it ever has been. You get internationally renowned designers like Deafheaven who’ve no radio end result, but have enough of a fandom and a footprint to eventually receive a grammy nomination.

Grown up as a farmer’s daughter in the countryside, I’ve discovered from my early junior by my (grand)parents what characteristics and our globe had to provide and I became a great value for it. I enjoy working with crops! Due to these interests, over the past years, I’ve modified my lifestyle to get nearer to nature.

Essential natural oils, ecological – natural gardening, uncooked food, be familiar with what I increase my body and skin area, fair trade products, for me it’s a great and beautiful discovery tour. A head to I am going to never end because it’s the way I want to live. I live, together with my hubby and 3 pet cats (ragdolls), in the countryside still. A long time ago I uncovered Living Libations. It had been very difficult to discover a brand who didn’t then add bad products in their products and with the right eyesight.

Dutch Health Store) began to sell their products in holland and International, since it was very difficult to find their products anywhere than in Canada. And, important for us, the brand has to make their products with love and passion and I have to feel love and passion for their products. Personal customer care is an important concern for our company, we went on it very severely! Because our customers are the most crucial part of our own shop, without them we can not exist and without them, I don’t know very well what their needs are.

Receiving and unpacking a parcel with products of Dutch health Store must be considered a (little) special event. We manage the complete process, each parcel is filled with treatment and love. I treat our customers like I would be treated yourself; with value. To get as many people as you can to get acquainted with healthy, fair products which by no means bad for health. Products with the right vision; who make everyone really happy! In holland, International and Europe.

I have to say I second every phrase on her behalf taking her customer as her priority – I experienced that first hands with my first order. When I have the e-mail confirmation, I discovered my house was incorrect, someone on the end has omitted one significant brand from it, and I let Wilma know that. Even though the order has already left their premises at that time, Wilma went out of her way to help, and we exchanged 26 e-mail before the order come to my hands safely.

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Now, how’s that for the customer service? I don’t know about you, but I haven’t experienced anything on this level before! And I was created by it feel very loved as a customer, something you do not get much. I cherished each and every product I have tried from this shop, and I once again know I am. Just a little edit a few hours later – that dramatic first delivery happened to me as private person, much less a blogger, and it was thought by me will probably be worth talking about.

I bought and paid with my very own money as a private person, and at that point Wilma didn’t even know I am a blogger, so she was being able to help a me as a regular customer, you determine what I mean? Now, Dutch Health Store will not only hold Living Libations products only, they already have very well curated selection.