Do They Greatly Detest Us So?

Do They Greatly Detest Us So? 1

Let’s leave aside, this once, the BS about taking “pride” in something the “prideful” one claims is natural in his body and mind, and that he would not have chosen had the choice was got by him. The lunacy of that idea should be now more developed by. The meat of finished. For me is this: Google has done everything imaginable to champion these people and their “cause.” It’s used its control of its search YouTube and engine to silence countervailing opinion.

It’s fired employees who dared to differ with its corporate and business philosophy, however politely. It has departments dedicated to promoting damned nearly everything the LGBTQ activists claim to value! So what’s happening? In short, it’s about “keeping the flames burning up.” They who’ve made a “cause” the primary of their lives have to keep whipping themselves into a frenzy over it for their own emotional health.

Should the passion fade, their reason behind living will fade with it. This has consequences for everybody around them, including their employers and coworkers. Watch out for it in the activist types around you – and when you spot the symptoms, put some distance between you. 4. The Nadir Of Atrocity. Slavery is bad. Child slavery is worse. But child slavery coupled with gang rape is really hard to beat: “There is a female, 10 years old, who was simply found with 20 different kinds of semen inside her body. She was dispatched to a family member.

The girl who was simply with her who was simply supposedly a member of the family was not a really family member, somebody who bought her from her family in Guatemala just. These are real issues that exist here on the border. There are some social people who are trying to leave jugs of water out here for them.

A lot of the people come to the country requiring help,” the professional stated. Migrants are obtaining “Rent-A-Kids,” and since Border Patrol cannot perform DNA lab tests to see whether children are related to adults the majority of the human being traffickers get into our country. That’s what our Border Patrol is encountering among the “migrants” pressing against our southern border. Yet every last Democrat candidate for president has announced himself and only opening that border, whether de jure or de facto.

Make sure your left-leaning friends, if you’ve still got any, are compelled to confront this. 5. Public Finance, Democrat Style. Everyone’s favorite Graybeard has noted more information on “free stuff” the various Democrat presidential aspirants have guaranteed us. It’s an extended list; please read it all. But just how do they plan to pay for everything that free stuff? They don’t; you’ll be the one spending money on it, and of course for the legions of federal bureaucrats overseeing the distribution process to ensure it’s “fair:” This is par for the course from hard-core Marxist De Blasio. ” and “What will you do if the revenue is still insufficient?

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” Verbum sat sapienti. All for today That’s, Gentle Reader. It’s the right time to begin the straining, sweating, and (of course) swearing, in the hope that I’ll be done early enough to catch at least part of that Red Sox / Yankees game. Day Have a nice. The most immediate and compelling of most corrective mechanisms is physical pain.

He who suffers pain as a traceable effect of his activities – supposing he labors under no defect of the intellect – will review those actions and make corrections, when possible. It’s the system nature has generated into us for learning what we must know to survive and flourish. That system – suffering because of bad decisions, followed by corrective action – is replicated at every level of human being lifetime. On the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.