Top Universities IF YOU NEED A Career In Investment Banking

Top Universities IF YOU NEED A Career In Investment Banking 1

The Telegraph has previously released a summary of the very best ten universities so you can get a career in investment banking. The rankings are based on a survey carried out by LinkedIn, which looked at the type of careers its users were in and the universities they went to. This exposed which universities supplied the most graduates to different profession sectors.

In 2017, financing professions website eFinancialCareers did a study of the top 50 universities globally for front office (client-facing) functions in investment banking institutions. What are target colleges for investment banking jobs? Target universities are the organizations on which investment banks have a tendency to focus most of their attempts in their search for recruits.

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They accomplish this by creating a solid presence at the chosen campuses through various methods such as sponsoring societies, regularly attending professions fairs and hosting occasions such as workshops and presentations. Banks target these universities because they offer highly reputable courses and produce applicants with strong academic credentials. By targeting these universities, banks are assured that candidates have been educated to a high standard within their chosen field and therefore the banks are prepared to invest more money in recruiting from them by hosting such events.

However, going to one of the universities will not guarantee you a graduate job in investment banking, though it is an excellent first step. We spoke with one recruitment manager from a mid-sized bank or investment company to get her views which universities banks have a tendency to target. She informed us that in recent years some banking institutions have extended their search for recruits to include the likes of Durham, Exeter, and Nottingham, whereas traditionally they used to target only Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College UCL, and London. These four universities are ranked top in the united kingdom by the QS World University Rankings 2018-2019, although other ranking systems differ.

Certainly from our perspective at TARGETcareers, this is something we have found to be true and banks are broadening their search rather than simply focusing on the very the surface of the rankings. The good reason behind this, it appears, is that over the last couple of years investment banks have noticed that the best candidates aren’t just bought at the top few colleges. Instead, they’re recognizing that there are talented and capable individuals that meet their requirements at other colleges reduce in the league dining tables. The recruitment supervisor also informed us that although the highest ranked universities do produce strong applicants and her bank or investment company does still keep careers occasions at them, it doesn’t focus its search exclusively on them.

The reason behind this focusing on decision, she says, is because competition for graduates from the very best, few universities is fierce and, being truly a smaller bank, it finds that it often manages to lose graduates to bigger banking institutions with better-known brands quite. Different banking institutions shall focus on certain colleges within the top ten list more than others. Unfortunately, banks don’t advertise their preferred institutions so if you want to find out where they like to look for candidates, you’re going to need to do some intensive research.

Seeing that banks visit which universities: banks will advertise on the website if they have any upcoming campus visits planned. However, they may only advertise these a couple of months in advance. Talking with undergraduates at university open days: chatting to current students is a great way to find out which banks put on the most events and also have a strong presence at careers fairs. Talking with the tutors: if you have a course at heart, contact the tutors, and have them that banks tend to visit the university the most.

But take what they say with a pinch of sodium as any university would want to get potential students, so be skeptical if they don’t give you any specific banking institutions’ names. Do I need a qualification in economics or financing easily want a career in investment banking? You don’t have to have studied a finance or economics degree to obtain a job in investment banking. From our connection with graduates and recruiters at bulge bracket and smaller banks alike, we’ve found that graduate recruits in this sector result from a variety of academic disciplines.