Working all day every day and following the monotonous and workaholic schedule of the professional life, it becomes a needs or necessity to live a lavish and top notch living. The cities are getting densely populated and the hectic lives of individuals are making the life span miserable at some cost. Therefore, there’s a need to help make the well-integrated planning of the residencies and neighborhoods that could offer an exclusivity and interpersonal class luxurious stay at esteemed residents. Shriram Code properties are going to provide the basis for the project “Shriram Superstar” which is proof for lavish living at a cushty and reliable expense.

The project has too much to offer the purchasers such as Healthy ROI, rental potential, good infrastructure, security, easy liquidity, global lifestyle, maximum livability and convenience for any. Shriram group has been the most trusted builder brand since its foundation in the first 1970’s. Earlier, they started with chit funds business and later transferred to the financing business via Shriram Transport Finance and Shriram City Union Finance.

Shriram Superstar, Chennai is one of the best housing projects in Chennai because of its primary location, amazing facilities and modern architecture. Why is Shriram Superstar so different? • Return on investment (ROI) is the basic mode to generate a nice return when we expense for our marketing strategy. Investing in a township is always a brilliant technique to be stepped upon.

Our project offers a healthy ROI investment that may increase the income of the traders in a great aspect. • The project has been given a great thought while dealing using its location such that it could provide convenient resources nearby. • The task is designed in such a real way that it would provide maximum livability.

The task offers a huge size residency in 1,2 and 3 BHK flats along with an integrated township consisting office department stores and hubs too. • The primary goal of establishing this project is to provide a “walk to work” theme. The creation of offices and stores in the township is applied so that family could spend a mickle amount of time with their own family. • Our docketing township promises global lifestyle of the residents here. Built with all the amenities which would be required to provide a luxurious stay at this premiere township.

We focus on catering to all or any needs in the vicinity of the residents. • We also provide easy liquidity in conditions of selling the property without affecting its market value. • Security is the essential and major precision taken into account while expanding this township. The whole township will be well lit with backup generators to curtail inadequate cutoff of electricity. The complete township is good surveillance by the CCTV cameras everywhere with the security guards appointed at the front end and back gates. • Our entire project is designed by skilled and professional architects which incarnate it a wonderful infrastructure with an air of exclusivity and soothingness creating an aura of creativity and advancement.

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• Our task is feasible with local rental potential of the residents and even provide completely ownership documents for the accommodations. Shriram Code Chennai “Superstar” project is being established in the vicinity of all proper rail, street, and air connectivity. It is being constructed on GST street right contrary to Perungalathur railway train station. It is around 20 minutes drive to the airport terminal and just one single kilometer distant from Chennai Bypass and Outer ring road.

The close proximity to MPEZ, Mahindra World City, Maraimalai Nagar and Oragadam makes this place convenient place to stay and invest. Every day with 1500 acre Vandalur National park Awaken to fresh air and scenic view. The project is so designed that a calm is provided by it, peaceful, and tranquil surroundings. Pleasant and positive aura is the statement which we deal with everyone’s ongoing health.

Our project boasts of the luxurious living of the residents at comfortable and inexpensive investment. Our homes are thoughtfully made to give you more space and an impressive style which you will need. Our architects had endowed the residency with state of smart classrooms with distinct sizes that would suit all sort of needs of families. Our township has 1 BHK smart homes, 2 BHK luxe homes, 3 BHK Optima homes, 3 BHK Ultima homes and 3 BHK suprema homes.