Quirky, Busy, And Beautiful

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Who is behind Quirky, Busy, and Beautiful? The QBB is a beauty junkie with an interest for exploring the latest trends and collections in the wonder world, especially in nails. The QBB can be an individual, and everything content has been written by a single author. I am not a full-time blogger, due to my 9-5 commitments. I find makeup to be my creative electric outlet.

It also provides me somewhere in all honesty about my love of all things girly. How often execute a chance is got by one to play with feathers and inflatable flamingos? MUFE 110 is dark for my skin too, as a reference. Why won’t you show that person? I choose not to show full-face photographs for personal and professional reasons.

I don’t work within an office (or really, city) where that lots of women wear much makeup. I sort of stick out. Occasionally you’ll see where I’ve edited a picture to crop out a representation. There are several, many weblogs out there, and I simply enjoy sharing my thoughts on my comprehensive collection with the global world!

I’ve used breaks before since it wasn’t fun any more or I came across myself pushing my budget. Some recent releases have brought me back into the fold and I recall how much fun this is! I try to feature a variety of price factors on the blog- I’m a sucker for a good drugstore product as much as I appreciate my Louboutin products.

Confess: JUST HOW MANY Nail Polishes Do You Have? Are you a hoarder? No. My home isn’t full and cluttered. Having interests is healthy for humans, mine happens to be makeup and nail products, I’ve an extensive collection, but it’s not taking over my home or my entire life. Compared to many vanity pictures submitted online, I keep much less out, preferring to store the majority of my collection out of sight.

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If you didn’t know where it was, which good chance that you’d walk right by my toenail collection without realizing what’s inside. I’ve got guests stay with me multiple times without realizing that my toenail collection was present. Likewise, my makeup lives in 2-Alex 9-Drawer models. If they start to overflow, time for you to do a clutter.

How do you afford this? I want to be 100% clear on something: I don’t have confidence in going into debt for wants, period. I am actually fiscally conventional and won’t purchase items without having the funds to pay for them that day, Some debts are positive (student education loans, mortgage), some essential parts of life (car payments). When you are going into personal debt to purchase beauty products or falling behind on other expenses, please get help!