I’ve Got Skincare Goodies … Within The Fridge!

I've Got Skincare Goodies ... Within The Fridge! 1

I like our new massive fridge. No longer can we need to squash our veggies together from the lack of area; we could even area our food out. Heck, the outside of the fridge is big enough for all of my Instagram magnets! Another good thing about having a much bigger fridge? The area for conserving my magnificence merchandise.

Yep, you heard me right. I keep some of my magnificence products within the fridge. I grew up with heaps on skincare stored in the fridge. In fact, I don’t remember a time when the fridge we had at home didn’t keep my mum’s skincare merchandise. Mum would retailer all of her skincare in the massive veggie compartment of the fridge. Gifts with purchases which might be skincare will go in the fridge too.

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The objects she was presently using would keep on her vanity area. As time went by, her skincare stash went from one veggie compartment to two veggie compartments. Mum denies this of course, however I’m fairly darn sure we purchased an even bigger fridge after that as a result of her ran out of the house to store her skincare. Mum’s not the just one who shops her skincare products in the fridge. When I used to be in high school, a friend’s aunt truly had a minibar in her bedroom. It wasn’t used to store drinks. The minibar was solely there to maintain her skincare products and perfumes.

My jaw dropped once I noticed that minibar and the abundance of skincare goodies, and swore that I too would have a minibar in my bedroom after I grew up. Well, there’s no minibar there … but. Nowadays, I store my SK-II facial sheet masks in the fridge. In summer time, I’d even pop a facial sheet mask within the freezer for 10 minutes just to get it nice and cold to battle the stinking hot day.

As my house is relatively cool even during the summer months, I don’t have any issues storing my skincare merchandise in my magnificence cupboard. But when I used to be nonetheless residing in Malaysia, I don’t think the veggie compartments could be sufficient for my stash. I’d most likely need a whole fridge for it! Do you keep any beauty merchandise in the fridge?

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