Lad Who Calls Elderly ‘Gradual And Smelly’ Spends 2 Days HAVING A Pensioner

Lad Who Calls Elderly 'Gradual And Smelly' Spends 2 Days HAVING A Pensioner 1

A 22-year-old who’s obsessed with his appearance and views the elderly as ‘smelly’ and ‘slow’ is shown the mistake of his ways by a sassy pensioner after spending two days in his company. Erik, from Reading, enjoys wearing make-up, every morning and spends most of his time on the couch on his phone enjoys a lie-in, treating his family home like an all-inclusive hotel.

He works part-time for a start-up but admits it isn’t what he wants to do in life and it is keen to open his own business to make ‘big bucks’ – sooner or later in the foreseeable future. Share Erik admits that looking good is the ‘first thing I believe of in the morning’ and ‘the very last thing I think of at night time’ and putting on make-up is extremely important to him. My life is about the most crucial person nowadays: me,’ he says matter-of-factly.

He appears to treat caring for his looks as a full-time job, as Erik will nothing to help out around his parents’ house, where he lives. I don’t help throughout the house to be quite honest with you,’ he says. My mum does it for me, my dad cooks mum cleans.

It’s kind of like a hotel isn’t it? Born in 1939, entrepreneurial Raymond experienced a very different upbringing to Erik. In his life time he’s been around Europe and worked several jobs; he was a bar supervisor in Spain followed by a holiday rep, before he joined up with the civil service and started restoring vehicles before finally retiring.

I got my first-year job after I was 16 in the printing industry,’ he clarifies, adding that he used to give his mom 10 shilling ‘for upkeep’. Raymond says his mother taught him to ‘respect money’ and to budget. The pensioner cannot believe it when Erik admits he never irons and immediately models him to work and provides him some pointers. Raymond is similarly unimpressed by Erik’s habit of indulging in a normal lie-in, admitting he’d feel like he’d ‘lost half a day’ if he didn’t awaken early. After spending a few hours together, Erik shows his controversial views on the elder to his new partner.

When he admits he gets ‘frustrated’ with older people because they’re slow, Raymond points out that the young man is ‘oblivious to the world’. Determined to get Erik interested in other things than himself, the pensioner requires him to a riding ranch where he trips a horse for the very first time. Erik seems nervous initially but eases up after a few turns.

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Meanwhile, Raymond parades on his equine with the assurance of the long-time rider. It’s pretty cool that he can do this,’ observes Erik. Day The following, Erik is challenged to buy the substances for pancakes and cook them – a huge task which takes a great deal of Googling from the youngster. As he heads to the shop looking for flour – unsure of what the product even looks like – he doesn’t seem his usual confident self. I don’t know what I’m doing,’ he mumbles, looking up the substances on his phone.

Back, at Raymond’s house, Erik jobs himself with making the pancakes and can’t resist getting his telephone out for a celebratory selfie when he handles to effectively make one. After bonding along with his sponsor over their diverse activities, A particular date jointly Erik decides to give Raymond a make-up guide before they enjoy.

As you know I love to take care of my appearance, it is rather important to me,’ Erik shows. Within my beauty regime, moisturizing is key. I was wondering if, before we venture out tonight, you’ll try moisturizing and attempting some bobs and bits I have in my own handbag?