MOVES-Citi Hires Slew Of Senior Bankers Away From Rivals

June 21 (Reuters) – Citigroup Inc has hired a slew of mature bankers from rivals as it appears to bolster its investment bank or investment company, on Fri the lender said. The hires come less than a year following the third-largest U.S. Other hires from Deutsche Bank or investment company include older rainmakers John Eydenberg and Mark Hantho, who will sign up for the bank, capital marketplaces and advisory department (BCMA) as vice chairmen.

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My issue here is that the final email is the exact same as the initial email, but you have an increased open up and click-through rate now. What did you learn from email B? Because you don’t know very well what caused the potential change. For whatever you know, one of the two lists is several outliers, so you can’t trust your data to produce a decision.

I see this issue each time I look at data from checks which contain multiple adjustable changes at the same time. The data I got back was ultimately useless. As well as the further you dig into the logic of the, the more my point is practical. EASILY change two elements and see a 15% increase, did element An underlying cause the increase, or element B? Was it a mixture of both?

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Instead of getting answers, your questions compound in the future without actionable results exponentially. Change one headline. Test. Change one body of text message. Utilize this data in your favor, and don’t confuse yourself. A whole lot of talk goes toward conversion rate optimization without acknowledging the actual fact that we’re really centered on revenue optimization.

You want more money because that helps to keep you running a business and lets you reach your goals. And even though it could have an effect on conversions negatively, sometimes income optimization takes you on a different path. Like raising or lowering prices. 50 at a 5% transformation rate. But you didn’t change a single component of your squeeze page or email. You merely transformed the price. What I’m trying to convey (again) is that your current focus must be on your long-term goal.

This means concentrating on the big picture, or macro conversions over micro conversions. A macro conversion is a large picture goal like buying a product. Micro conversions are small wins like clicks and email address that don’t always equal revenue. If a test increases micro conversions however, not macro, find out why.

If it’s a long lasting effect, drop your short-term gains for the long-term picture. If you keep this in focus, you’ll stop your efforts from being bogged down in small details that are ultimately irrelevant. You’ll eventually hit a spot where the low dangling fruit has been selected. Congratulations, you’re now at a crossroads.